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Hot Savita Bhabhi On A Trip With Her Family Friends – Part 2 – Desi XXX Story

Savita Bhabhi and Gopi had a good time in the van during the journey. She kept fingering him even when he covered them with the blanket while talking to his wife. He could see how naughty she could be and tried to control himself. But Savita Bhabhi kept stroking his dick and rubbed his dick head with her fingernail. Gopi’s wife did not feel comfortable looking him like that with another married woman. So, she asked him the reason for using the same blanket. Jansi: Why are you using the same blanket? Why don’t you have one on your own? Gopi: I will come to our seat now. Jansi: But, what are you doing here? Gopi: I just came to show some of my designs to her. Jansi: Really? Gopi: Honey, please don’t embarrass me in front of my friends. Look at Ashok. He trusts his wife and he did not mind me sitting next to her. Jansi: Fine. I trust you. Come soon. Gopi: I will. As soon as she left, he pinched her finger and looked at her with a friendly anger. She could not control her laughter and bend down to close her face. She lied in that position until the van started to move again. Soon, the rest of the people have started to sleep again. After knowing that, Savita Bhabhi pulled the towel and saw his dick. It craved for her mouth and she soon took it inside her mouth. She started to suck it hard and he could feel the heaven. But he also made sure that none were watching them. After a while, he felt like cumming and he warned her. But she still continued and drank all his sperms. He felt relieved and she kept sucking his penis for some more time. He stopped her and asked her to pull up her sari again. But she wanted to tease him and hence she refused. So, he locked her hands and pulled up her sari. Then, he bent to smell her cunt. Her wet orgasm made him mad. Soon, he inserted his tongue deep inside her pussy and started to suck her nice. Finally, she too had her orgasm and squirted her cum on his face. Both cleaned their face and continued their journey. After a while, he left to his seat and they reached the hotel. When Ashok went to pay the bills at the reception, the rest had their dinner. Meanwhile, Gopi told Savita Bhabhi in front of everyone, Gopi: Savita. I am gonna give you a dress which I have designed. You can show it to your hubby and have a good time tonight. Savita Bhabhi: Thanks a lot. So sweet of you. She did not open the box and kept it as a surprise even for her. Savita Bhabhi wanted to open it inside the room and wanted to wear it. Then, she liked to show it to her hubby when he knocked the hotel room. With all those dreams, she went to the room and locked the door. When she opened the box, she felt very happy to see the clothes Gopi had gifted her. The short skirt which barely covered her crotch. It looked more like a thin piece of cloth around her waist. Then, she saw a tee which looked very transparent. If Savita Bhabhi wore that outfit, it would look as if she was naked. So, she had to wear a bra and panty if she wanted to cover her modesty. But why would she do that? After all, she wanted to have sex with her husband after a long time. On the other hand, both Gopi and Jai had a few rounds of drinks along with Ashok. Since he did not have drinks for many years, he could not control himself. He passed out and both Jai and Gopi felt very difficult to carry him to the room. So, they made him sleep in Jai’s room on the couch. Jai decided to inform this to Savita Bhabhi in person. So, he went to her room and rang the doorbell. But she thought Ashok had arrived. So, she opened the door with her eyes closed wearing the sexy outfit she received. Jai went speechless after seeing her like that. He could not say a word. After some awkward silence, she opened her eyes to see Jai standing in front of her checking her hot assets. She felt a bit disappointed and covered her boobs and pussy with both the hands. Savita Bhabhi: Where is Ashok? Jai: He passed out after the drinks. So, he is sleeping in my room. Sorry, you were waiting for him to have sex? SB: Well, yeah. But if you had shown up? Jai: If I have shown up? She did not complete her words and pulled him into the room and locked the door. Jai understood her hunger and decided to help her. Well, he was helping himself in having a nice sex with a hot woman. Soon, he removed his clothes and hugged her tight. Then, he carried her to the bed and made her lie gently. He came on top of her and removed the delicate thing over her body. Both looked very much excited and he soon inserted his dick into her cunt. Meanwhile, both kept kissing each other and he began to fuck her real hard. They tried many positions like 69, doggy and missionary. Finally, he filled her ass with his cum and left the place. Gopi, Jai, and Savita Bhabhi had fun for the whole week and occasionally, Ashok had his time with his wife. Thanks for reading this series guys. Please like this series if you wanted to read more about Savita Bhabhi.

couple/hot-savita-bhabhi-trip-family-friends Hot Savita Bhabhi On A Trip With Her Family Friends – Part 2

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