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Hill And Fun – My First Lesbian Sex Experience – Desi XXX Story

Hello, friends. This is my first ever lesbian sex. My friend’s name is Soha. We both are from Mangalore. We are friends from our college days. So, we share everything. But we didn’t have any boyfriend nor interested in any. None would mingle with us even in the college. We used to have a normal conversation with the boys in our college. But we never met after the college timing. After that, we kept in touch with the help of mobiles. Normally, we talk every day. One day, she called me and informed that she found a new friend. Her name is Suma. She had a boyfriend and she would often talk to him on the phone. And all the time, she used to kiss him over the phone. Hearing this, I jokingly told her “I am your boyfriend for now”. She agreed soon. But unfortunately, we talked seriously after a few days. We spoke like a real-life couple. Then, we began chatting about the romantic stuff at night time. Suddenly, one day, she told, “hey, boyfriend. I feel bored right now. Can you kiss me?”. She kissed without saying anything in return and I did the same to her. This process continued for a while. If any people have heard our conversation, they would think that we were talking to our boyfriend. One day, I decided to meet her secretly like a man does to his girlfriend. So, I called her in advance and told her that I was on my way to have my sweet. Soon, she told that her whole mouth awaits me and I could take it as much as I wanted. The very next day, I went there. It was a forest area. So, I waited for her at the bus stop. She came very late. At that time, a bus came by. We decided to go to the nearby tourist place. It was 12:50 pm then. So we boarded the bus. But unfortunately, the bus stopped near a hotel. And everyone went to the hotel to have food except us. During that peaceful time, I jovially asked her to kiss me and she kissed on my cheeks. Really, I felt naughty. But I did the same to her. I wanted more but the people started to return. So we adjusted ourselves. Within 2 minutes, the bus came to the point and we reached the place. There, we straightly came to the peak point of the park. Nobody was around. So I asked her for the kiss again. That time, we really felt as a couple and she kissed and sucked my lips. I cooperated with her. In the meanwhile, she touched my breast and pressed them. I did the same to her. Soon, my pussy became wet. I never had that wet pussy in my life. Then, I asked her to sit on my lap and she did. And I start to massage her small breasts. She asked me to do the same. So, I sat on her and she started to massage my breast. I felt that if I had milk, she would have sucked them. We forgot the real world. When I hugged her, she touched my pussy and started to rub them. I asked her to touch. She didn’t allow to me. But called me to her home later since none would stay in her place that night. I readily agreed. I sucked her breast on her dress. And pinched her nipples by putting a hand inside her top. Then, I pressed them for a for a long time. I asked her to lick my pussy. She licked on my dress and I felt as if I have reached the heaven. We adjusted our dress and went to her house. She opened the door and went in. At that time, she asked me to remove footwear and I did meanwhile, she came from the back door and locked the front door from outside. I called her but she didn’t answer. I heard the back door closing. So, I thought she was coming in. Hence, I went and sat on the sofa. She came from the bedroom wearing just a panty and a bra. Then, she invited me inside. Her semi-nude body tempted me. I went inside and she sat on the bed asked me to change my dress. I did not have any kind of hesitation now. So, I did the same as she said. Then, she asked me to strip naked. So removed all my clothes and stood nude in front of my friend for the first time. She hugged me and kissed me. I did the same. Then, I asked her to remove all her clothes. And I lied on the bed. She removed her bra and panty and came on top of me. Then, she kissed my lips with full strength and sucked. She said, “see we don’t have to feel scared of getting pregnant nor chance to marry.” I agreed. And again, I kissed her while she kissed my neck and came over my breast. She sucked it like a child for 10 minutes. I felt the heaven. Soon, she said, “shall we sit in the hall?”. So, I got up and picked my clothes. But she took it from me and said, “I wanted to see your pussy juices”. I felt surprised and asked her “will you drink mine?”. She said, “yes dear. It is sharing of hearts”. So we came closer and she sat on the sofa with her legs spread. For the first time, I saw a girl’s pussy. First, I rubbed it and without hesitation, I started to lick as she said. Her juice oozed out and I tasted it. Within 10 minutes, she emptied her account. At that time, my mouth was full of hers. Then, I sucked her breast. She asked me to sit and I did. Quickly, she put her mouth on my cunt and started to work softly. I felt like flying. Then, I grabbed her head. She continued doing it and within 7 minutes, I emptied my account. So we took rest of 15 minutes. We killed our time by playing with each other’s nipples. But our desire still kept growing. So she took bath and came out with just a towel. Then I went and took bath dreaming about our lovely nights. I came in and dried my hair when she was still in a wet towel. So sat on the chair closer to her and loosened her knot. Again I saw her charming beauty. We both were naked. Then, she prepared tea for me. I sprinkled a drop on my breast and asked her to take the decoction of the milk. She laughed and sucked and said, “thanks, too good” and I told her that I wanted to taste her milk. Soon, she offered her breasts and I sucked it like a child. Later, we cleaned our breast and came into the room and dressed. At that time, it was 6:30 pm. So we sat to watch the tv. Her grandmother came along with her sister. We all had a small conversation. Her grandmother called me to the kitchen while cooking since she wanted to talk. So I sat closer to her.But Sumi came in and touched my breast while talking. Only we two knew about this. I asked her if she had tried her sister before. She said, “no, no.I can’t”. But I told that she had very good assets and she should try them once. But she kept quiet for a while and said, “ok, let’s try and see”. At night, we came to have our dinner very late. At that time, everyone had slept off. After our dinner, I went to pee. But when I came in, someone started to knock the door. That was Sumi. So I called her in. We switched off the light. She told that she wanted to taste my pee. I agreed and so, I came to the room and locked the door. Quickly, we removed the dress and came to the 69 position and did everything till 3 am.  

lesbian/hill-fun-first-lesbian-sex-experience Hill And Fun – My First Lesbian Sex Experience

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