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Got A Chance To Lick My Cousin Sister’s Armpit

Got A Chance To Lick My Cousin Sister's Armpit (1)

Hi friends, I am Kunal and I will share mine experiences with you. This story is all about armpit (underarm) of a girl. My age is 26 and my height is 5’7 and the size of my penis is 8’3. Kavya is my cousin sister, she is 28 yrs height is 5’6. She is so hot. I am big fan and lover of armpits. I always in search of armpits.

Now let’s coming to the real story with my cousin sister she is 2 yrs elder then me and she lives near by my house and I was very much attracted towards her. I used to go to her home daily to watch her and specially if I am get a view of her armpit. she used to wear a very loose cloths at home like loose t shirts and nighty’s One day she caught me seeing her armpit and she asked me that why u always look at me and mostly to my armpit side, I had seen u many time watching at patches on my underarms in summer and I am continuously noticing that whenever u r near to me u try to sniff my underarms, after hearing all that I was stunned and I could not say anything to her on that day and i went out. so by that incident i have not gone to her home for 4 days and on the fifth day my uncle called me and said the they are going to Mumbai for some marriage so they said me to sleep at their home at night.

I said ok but suddenly my uncle told me that my cousin sister is staying in home because she is working in private sector and she havn’t got leave. So I was very happy to hear that she will be at home. That night at 9 pm i went to her home and i saw from window that she was watching movie sitting in the sofa,at that spot i saw she was smelling her armpits through her nighty and suddenly she saw me and said to come in. For half an hour we both watched movie, while watching movie she asked me Kunal can i ask something i said what then she said why u r attracted towards my armpits then i said i love armpits and love to lick those but i haven’t got any chance like that.then she said Kunal do u want to see my armpits at that time I was surprised and said yes, she said that this thing u must not tell to anyone then i said no i won’t tell to any one. Then she said to close the front door and i closed it ,

Then i went side to her and i said first i want to sniff the armpit smell she smiled and raised her arm, i saw the swet patch ! then i went close to her and started sniffing it was so good musky smell then i said i want to see the full view of her pits she said to wait and went in side and she wore another nighty which is having huge gap at the armpit.then she said Kunal do u want to see the full view i said yes then she lifted her arms and then i saw light bush with some sweat on that then i said i want to lick that armpit portion she said that i wanted to show u only the armpits but u r asking to lick then i said pls she accepted then i started licking and sniffing her armpits on the sofa. Then started pressing her boobs then she started mooring haaaaa Kunal press hard then i started pressing harder then she said she will love if I may lick her cunt so we went to next room then she lifted her nighty and started to remove her panty

Then i said i what to lick through the panty first she said ok Kunal come do it i was waiting for such a long time to get this chance. then i started licking her cunt through her panty and suddenly i got an idea to lick it with jam so i went and brought jam and removed her panty it was pink color with flowers print on it then i slowly removed her panty and her cunt was so beautiful i started licking her pussy lips then she started mooring aa a a h hh h h h o o oo o o h hhh h h h h hh h h hh hh h come on dear oooohhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kunal lick fast wow then i applied sum jam on cunt and started licking then she said Kunal lick my armpits i love that and and after a while I went to her right armpit and applied some jam over there and started licking it and she said that Kunal I will like to tell u a thing. I asked her what she want to tell me she said she always lick her own armpits in bathroom and sniff her own armpits . this is because I had seen u Mainer times looking at my armpit not only this when I am in office and I am in sleeveless dress I had seen many of my colleagues looking at my armpit and of other girls and ladies too.

And even at college time I noticed the same thing. Come on Kunal lick my armpit. Then i started licking her armpits fatly, and after a great licking of five minutes of her armpit and her moaning I left her and sat on the bed and she said she want to see my cock then I removed my pant and told her to take it out of my underwear she said it is first time and she was scared and shy to see my cock, I said no take it out then she slowly inserted her hand in to my underwear and took my 8 inch cock out and after that she said wohooo aasa ka lund aasa hota hai maine to sirf bf mai dekha hua hai maaza aa gaya sahi kaa lund dekh ke.

Then I sat on the bed and forced her had to my cock and asked her to suck it she took my penis in her mouth and started licking and sucking. At the same time I started pressing her boobs and put my on hand inside her vagina. And as soon as my figure gone inside her vagina she left my cock and started saying oohhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeee etc etc then.

We came in the position of 69 and did this sucking licking for a long time. She did’t allowed me to fuck her and me to did not objected her much because I got my fantasy fulfilled and I got what I wanted so I never forced her for that. And we did this armpit licking sessions till her marriage day and even today when she is at home I usd to do this armpit licking with her. so this was my story and many more stories are been awaiting for armpit lovers. <3

Got A Chance To Lick My Cousin Sister's Armpit (2)

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