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Got Chance To Fuck My Sweet Secretary

Got Chance To Fuck My Sweet Secretary (1)

I am Prashant age 31 working in an MNC based both in Kolkata Jamshedpur. I had a secretary in my call office which I saw her when I came back from JSR office. She was appointed in my absence which I came to know later.

She was cute looking gal aged around 26 relatively new to getting into professional working / office culture but had a very naughty eyes means her eyes could wonder whole of the world sitting at one place and that made her most attractive. She saw me when I entered my cabin and wished me after welcome she went back to her place and was noticing her talking to her colleague after few hours.

I called in the colleague of hers and was asking about her etc and while talking came to know that she has complimented me by telling that I look good and look younger to my age which was nice to hear for any guy hehe coming back to the whole episode where I started to teach her about the work and she was quick to grasp asked her for a treat as she was doing good to which she just smiled and told sir it is you who have to give the treat.

I earn less I will not be able to give you one listening to her plea! asked her to take next day off from office and meet me at a schedule place in call for a movie treat I gave her and we both met next day at 11 am sharp and headed for a movie in INOX got 2 tickets top most corner and headed thru the gateway while watching the movie and she put her hand on me which created waves in me suddenly pulled.

My hands towards her for a head rest on my shoulder and started talking to me quietly that I look good and she has a crush on me which sent shockers and pulled me for a smooch forgot to describe her name is Priya with 34 30 36 and nice smile to look on and we both continuously smooched and she put her hand right on my zipper to check my erectness and started fondling making me go crazy!

I started to kiss her on her earlobes to be frank guys females do get turned on after being kissed in ears down the line to the shoulder from ears try it out to check and promise you all gals will melt down for sex immediately! She asked me for a sex which was very straight and I liked being straight asked her if she was a virgin she denied stating she had enjoyed with her previous boy friend.

We packed ourselves from the hall and left for her room where she stays alone on racing to her place. She closed the door in a hurry and pushed me like a hungry tigress and ramped on me for a nice time and she started to miss me from my head and moving down my eyes caught hold of her and we started to smooch during smooching she pulled off my shirt and vest which I was wearing and started to bite me on my shoulders and nipples to pay her back for the love bites threw her salwar and kameez out of her body and un hooked her bra and repeated the same act.

I kissed her near the ears sucked her ears and started to bite her lips. Omg! Bite her strong to make her bleed from lips guess the love bites reciprocated slowly went down to her boobs which was awesome sucked her nipples hard made her go crazy and pleading me to suck and bite her more which I was doing and moving down her body to navel started to lick her thru the belly to her pussy which was fully shaven parted her lips and sucked her vagina which made her wild to the core.

Pressing my head more into it to make her cum which she finally had 1 orgasm to clear her tensions out of her mind which was sex starved show came over me and sucked my dick hard to make it to stand in glory of my hungry tigress to make it more strong and hard for her ride she came over me and pushed my dick in her glory hole which was already lubricated due to her orgasm and went for a ride. Oh man it was really the best ride she could give me.

I pulled her down to missionary position and parted her legs and pushed my dick inside and pump her hard to get the best and lovely noise from her mouth ohhh Prashant fuck me harder make me cum again. I am yours for ever fuck me hard oh god she made me wild started to pump her hard and rammed all my seeds in her hole and she loved the best I gave her which she was lacking since she lost her boyfriend.

I hope you all have loved the best I could write and hope for your comments or messages to meet you write back to you. :*

Got Chance To Fuck My Sweet Secretary (2)

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