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Got Chance To Fuck Divya Aunty

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Hi n Hello to every  Handsome and sexy delights including, This is Keshav 23, 5.9’ft from Andhra Pradesh, will portray my own experience which happened unexpectedly.From my 1, I started to watch porn and I don’t rest a solitary night without shagging my Active Cock. So, years passed… coming to story, Heroine of this story is my Divya aunty, She is in late 30’s because she got hitched in her extremely youthful age, white composition, impeccable and adjusted boobs with firmness and great Things with an incredible figure, hats off to her for keeping up Cock Rising body, on the off chance that she showed up on street, each man have there inner tight.I additionally have desire on her like every one of you however never shown on my face, one day I went to my friends house to meet him. Divya close relative opened door with grinning face, she said that his child just went to showcase and welcomed me into the house to sit, uncle went on business work.

In this way, I and my close relative alone in house inside no minute my Cock attempting to turn out when she is going into kitchen I filtered her aggregate back figure with loaded with desire. I think to assault her in any case now however shocked some fear.I waited at some point yet my friend didn’t coming so I told close relative and left the house and catched the path to my home on my bicycle. Amidst the way all of a sudden a Spark struck a chord that is I overlook my portable in my friends house where I just sat.

Along these lines, I took U turn and riding bicycle fastly to get back my mobile.I reached the place with numerous thoughts in my psyche, whether she saw my versatile or not, on the off chance that she opened exhibition certainly I need to put my head down bcoz it contain loaded with Indian porn. In this way, I noiselessly went to the door and it sounds nothing from inside, I didn’t thumped door however opened window of a corridor somewhat with no noise.When I peered inside my heart started to pulsate speedier and my hand went down to my cock to rub because, my fantasy lady Divya close relative, sat in the couch with my versatile close by and other hand on her boobs squeezing, I kept quit and observing now she lift her saree up to her thighs and rubbing her pussy with an astounding sexy looks on her face, wow how sexy she is, I comprehended she is watching porn. First time I spilled with no work on my Cock inside my Underwear.

I got some boldness and thumped primary door, Divya close relative opened door honestly with no expression and asked what Keshav for what reason did you returned again?, I dumbstruck for a minute for her acting and asked close relative I overlook my versatile, she asked where did u kept? I answered sofa.she went inside and bring back my portable yet I can obviously observed her inclination on her face that she is approaching my versatile for at some point in her mind.But I took my portable and went to my home.On that night I shagged my Cock ordinarily on fantasizing Divya close relative. From that day My Lust raised substantially more and one day I went to my friends house when he is out of town.I honestly asked Divya close relative when he will return she said evening.Uncle is on Business fill in as usual.But I’m supposing what to do, aunt asked me to sit.I sat in couch and playing with my mobile.After some easygoing inquiries close relative asked do you have young lady friends with grin, I answered No.

At that point she asked do you watch porn? I embarrassed with this question and said No.She said ‘aaha, Really? Great Boy.Then she asked by taking a gander at my portable ‘what is the cost of your versatile?’. I said its Rs.7000/ -. She extend her hand and said show me offer it to me, Oh pleasant versatile. My heart beat started to impact, my Cock attempting to turn out and I got wings that something will happen now. She opened exhibition and asked me what is this? I held my head down silently.Then she chuckled uproariously and requested that no need feel modest, its regular in your age, did you do like this some time recently? I said No close relative. What is your cock estimate? I keep noiselessly yet as of now my Cock started to overflow pre cum.

Close relative started to play recordings and requesting that I sit next to her, I ran with a small amount of seconds now my dread went of and deduction how to start, in that video couple having intercourse and that man lifting saree and uncovering woman thighs. Close relative set her hand on my thigh and touching gradually, I got bravery and put my hand on her shoulder from her back.She grinned now I kicked full power and off stroking her back, she wore dark saree with blooms and yellow shirt, she kept portable aside and shut her eyes, I kissed to her left side ear and stroking her cheeks. She started to breath hardly, Now I kissed on her rossy lips, Oh my god how delicate they are, present waves passed from my make a beeline for cock, then she’s rubbing my cock on my gasp, I lip-bolted her and she gave her tongue, we traded our tastes yet time went fastly it took 10 min to open our eyes.. She is in full state of mind and her eyes are approaching what are you waiting for?

I hopped on her Like a Mad Dog and Started kissing her face, neck and opened her saree, Oh my Gosh, there is a sight which is still unmistakable in my eyes, two round and huge boobs climbing and down in dark blouse.I gradually kept my palms on her boobs and gradually carresing with circles and abruptly squeezed hard she shut her eyes in joy and opened her mouth with sound “aaaaaaaaahhhhhh” then I expanded my pushing on her boobs and kissing her lilly lips her personal stench is extremely well.I squeezed her boobs for some time and moved down and felt uncomfortable in couch, she opened her eyes and asked ‘might we go to bed room’,

I stood up and took her to bed stay with my hands and opened her whole saree, what a sight that is, a flawless bends waiting for me, I uncovered my gasp and shirt, I bounced on her with my underwear and kissing and squeezing her boobs.Then I came to navel and licked each smaller scale square zone with my tongue making sounds “shrrrrushhhpp” and she is moaning like anything ‘aaaah, go ahead, baby do it hard, murder me, take me … ” I get a kick out of the chance to prod close relative with foreplay to see her lustful Sexy looks on her face with moaning, I went to her boobs and gradually opened her pullover catches one by one, boobs are hopped out unreservedly like water in a tight convey packs, I got extremely energized and gave a hard nibble on her round formed hardened boobs, she yelled with joy and torment ‘ammmmaaaaahh… … aaaaaah you are executing me’, I played with her boobs by stroking, squeezing, kissing and touching. Presently she is in petticoat(langa) and underwear,

I descended gradually by kissing and set my both hands on her thighs and kissed hardly on her pussy and kept my head between her legs like that, she spread and kept her legs in air and raised her head up and watching me and hold my head and she cum for first time with sounds ‘abbbbaaaaah, baby I’m cuming, cuming… … .’ Now I get down to her toes and kissing her legs and gradually sliding her slip up and squeezing her legs, she is moaning ‘goodness, I never get orgasm without Fuck, go ahead fuck me like dog, make me your bitch, you child of bitch Fuck me with your Dick, I’m passing on, Fuck me Fuck me… … .she is yelling, I gradually uncovering her thighs and raised upto her navel, I saw her Black underwear with all wet, I stripped her underskirt, now she is in her undies and squeezing her boobs by shutting her eyes and moving her legs provocatively, I kissed and gave a few nibbles on her pussy for at some point and Divya close relative now in pinnacle disposition and talking vulgar words to fuck her,

I pulled her undies down, there is a place for me with sexy triangle shape with thin hairs with a lovely split, I kept my tongue and slide from down to up, she bounced and chuckled her body, ‘aaaaaah, suck me, my hubby never did this, please tear my pussy… … gracious goodness go ahead yes do like this please… … ” I sucked and slide my center fingure with full speed inside her cunt, she gave a full stroke of a tap with her orgasm, she washed my face with her smooth liquid. She started arguing me to Fuck her, she is kept her hand on her pussy and other on her boob and asking me ‘comon baby, please murder my cunt, tear my pussy, Fuck me, Fuck me… … ”

I pulled my Jockey down and kept it on her pussy lips and prodding her, she herself attempting to get my cock inside her, I loved it, yet all of a sudden I gave a hard stroke with one millisecond my Cock Slides into her inward pussy, she raised her body and legs with a noisy moan ‘Gracious, my God, you child of bitch, what a stroke, You killing me, Fuck me, please Fuck me… … ” ‘aaaaaahhhhhh… .. At that point I started gradually with unfaltering strokes, she is moaning ‘Goodness, comon Fuck me hard, hard, I’m prepared to bite the dust for you’… ..abbbba, abba… ..’ aaaaahmmmmm, then I strted to build my pace like a cylinder in vacuum apparatus, with sounds tap, she somewhat shut her eyes and pivoting her head from side to side and embraced me firmly and moaning aaah, aaah,aaaah,aaaah adhi, dhanchu na puku pacchadi chei ra na kodaka, na puku pekata aadukora lanjodaka… … .she is moaning lovely with sexy expressions I loved it and I said her ‘you bitch I love you, you are my prostitute, Fuck you everyday,.,., I’m your new husband, she said ‘I’m urs make me ur wife, what ever u wish u can do, aaah aaaah aaah ahhh… .

After somewhere in the range of 20 mints of Fuck I asked close relative to cum together, I’m coming, cumming, she said fill my pussy with your juice, normal cum in my pussy’ and she additionally cum same time alongside me, she cummed 6 times and I felt on her with my cock inside her, room is loaded with our love smell and she kept her hand on my head and said, ‘you showed me paradise on the earth, caps off to your Fuck’ My hubby fucks me hardly 10 mints, Thanks for your Love… .. e roju nunchi nannu nuvve Dengali, na puku ne kosam eppudu prepared ga ne untadhi, today onward Fuck me like this, my pussy is constantly prepared for you, we dressed ,then she gave Rs.500/ – and embraced me and rubbed my dick on my gasp and gave send off… … .Later she made her more youthful sister to get Fucked by me I will describe soon.

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