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Girlfriend Fucked At Hotel Room On Birthday – New Desi Sex Story

Hello Desitales story readers! This is my first story here and I am a huge fan of this site and reading the Indian stories from many years. I am Rahul(23) from Chandigarh and posting a true incident that happened 2 years ago when I went for a short one day trip to Shimla with my sexy girlfriend for my birthday. We booked a hotel there for staying that day. It was our first time going to stay in a hotel. Once we reached there, we were so excited. I don’t want to disclose my gf’s personal details. So let’s call her Kanika. Before this, we had only done some naughty acts in the car and this was a great opportunity for us. S as we entered our room, we immediately jumped onto the bed and had a passionate kiss which lasted for more than 5 minutes. It was like we were lost in another world. After that, I started undoing her top while giving her a french kiss and started squeezing her melons of size 34 (I love them especially) There she was in her black bra (muahh). I just planted a kiss onto her boobs over that bra and she was like in heaven.Soon I was on top of her and started tickling over her pussy and finally pulled down her jeans. She was left only in her bra and panties and I started touching her g spot over her panty. She couldn’t control herself and pulled me down by coming on top of me. Then she started removing my shirt, jeans, vest and finally my underwear. My dick quickly sprang into action saluting her! I still remember the smile that came on her face in shyness. Then I laid her down on the bed and pulled down her bra and started sucking those big boobs and all those brown areas while touching her pussy over the panties. I gave her a surprise bite on her nipple and she shouted, “awwwwwww” which was the best part she enjoyed till then.I pulled down her panty with my teeth and she enjoyed it. After that, I licked her clitoris after spreading her legs and then fingered her pussy deeply. She was making all kind of damn sexy sounds and pushing my head towards her pussy. She had an orgasm by then. After that, we stood up and she started giving me a great blowjob like an expert by sucking my 7 inches dick deep inside her mouth. After some time, I was so desperate to fuck her. I set her down on the bed in missionary position and widened her legs. Then I parted those luscious pussy lips to enter her pleasure pot. And it went away smoothly as my dick was well-lubricated earlier by her saliva. Her pussy oozing wet helped too. She straight away started moaning loudly, “ahhhhh awwww ahhhh awwww” The room was filled with her moans and that thap-thap sounds of the intercourse. I kept on banging her harder as I could and let her enjoy. After some time I changed her position to doggy style and entered her vagina from behind. She was in pain as I was giving huge powerful jerks. To surprise her, I put some saliva on my thumb and started inserting my thumb finger her asshole at the same time. She was in so much pain but was happy too with my double penetration. After some time, I pulled my dick out from her pussy (chut) and entered it into her ass. Now she was screaming like hell but soon started enjoying to her fullest. That was the most pleasurable feeling for me as her sounds were encouraging me to fuck her ass even faster. After that,  she came on top of me and started jumping up and down on my dick while I was pressing and squeezing her boobs. She was kissing me in between. Then I took the side pose by lifting her leg in the air and gave quick jerks.Soon I came inside her pussy with huge loads of cum which started gushing out of her chut. Then like a perfect couple, we laid nude on each other kissing on neck, lips, forehead and every part of the body Then after some time, we started another session and this time, we came in 69 position. After some lubrication, I made her stand near the wall and inserted her from behind by keeping her one leg on the chair. It was a great position for sex for us. After banging her pussy in that position for nearly 10 minutes, I said I was going to cum and she asked me to cum on her boobs. I sprayed my cum on her wonderful boobs. It was a perfect birthday sex for me. Later we went to the market for some shopping and I met some of my friends there. My girlfriend said she will be back in 15-20 minutes and told me to have snacks with them for some time. She came after shopping. I said bye to my friends and we went to the ice cream parlor on a famous ridge and after some masti, we went back to the hotel. After reaching there, I asked her to show me what she had bought. She said it’s a surprise which she will only give after cutting the cake. I was very excited. So I cut the cake quickly and asked her to show the surprise. She  blindfolded me for 10 minutes and did some ‘magic’ in the room and finally asked me to open the fold Wow! When I opened the fold and my eyes, there were beautiful roses spread all over the bed, carpet, and candles near the bed. The room was filled with a pleasant aroma. Then she came from the restroom in a red color sexy bikini and I was dumbstruck straight away by looking at her.Those open hairs, shy face, beautiful smile, big round boobs tied under a tight transparent red bra and panty with a strap covering the sexiest ass and pussy. I quickly ran towards her after coming to my senses and hugged her tightly. After that, I smooched her wild and took her in my arms to the bed which was full of roses. I licked her melons without removing the bra. Her nipples were hard by then. I rubbed her pussy with my 3 fingers. After that, we had sex again and I even fucked her tits with my dick touching her mouth. Then she blew it nicely like her mouth was her pussy. I shot my load in her mouth. It was a beautiful night. We slept nude hugging each other under the quilt and had another great sex session in the morning while bathing – oh that soapy-soapy fuck! (Muah) And talking about things happened later. We had a beautiful love and sex life for almost three years. We did sex more than 80-90 times in car, in my flat, in my house, in her house etc But anyhow now we aren’t together because she had to leave for Canada on a job transfer. But my sex life continued with a lot of girls around! I had sex with many prostitutes even threesome and foursome. I will post those stories if I get positive responses from your side. Once again, I am Rahul from Chandigarh. If any girl or aunty, bhabhi is interested in a sex/relationship with me, then they can throw a at kanikarahul13 I guarantee the privacy. Keep supporting and forget the mistakes if any.

girlfriend/girlfriend-fucked-hotel-room-on-birthday Girlfriend Fucked At Hotel Room On Birthday

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