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Fucked The Black And Beautiful Sex Story Reader – Desi XXX Story

Hi readers, I am Charan back again with another erotic sex story. Firstly, I would like to thank all members of HotSexyStory.com for your valuable suggestions and comments on my previous stories. I hope the same for this story too. Do not forget to post your comments to my mail and you can also reach me through hangouts – charantej811 HotSexyStory.com . Caution – never ever ask the contact details of any females. I will not disclose any details even if you beg for those. They trust me and I am not ready to betray them. This story is based on a true incident which happened a few months back. I was busy with my job works. I don’t even have the time to check my emails. So, after a long time, I was free. So, I have checked my emails. I have received many emails and I noticed a blank message from the female id. I replied her but I did not get any reply from her later. After a few days, again I got a blank message from the same . Finally, I replied her not to be shy and to talk freely. I finally got a reply from her mentioning ‘ hi, Charan, my name is Jhansi from Mangalore. I am married and have two children. My family is an orthodox one with full of beliefs and traditions. We are below middle-class family. My husband works in a small company nearby. We live in a small house along with my brother and sister-in-law. I and my husband even don’t have space for having sex due to the combined family situation. As the days passed, my one and only belief were also lost when my husband finally refused to have sex. So I finally want to risk having sex with strangers. I need a wild sex as mentioned in your stories. I am black in color and not beautiful too. Are you interested or not? Just say yes or no’. I was eagerly waiting for those final words. Finally, I replied her yes. I also said that I don’t care about the beauty. I only need nice pussies and boobs to play with. Later on, we came to about each other on our regular chat. Later, I have planned the schedule and booked two individual rooms in Mangalore. One for her and the other for me. I have planned like this not to get caught at the hotel reception and to local police. So, I took a flight of Mangalore so that I could to reach her in time. I was waiting for her outside the hotel. She came in a local auto. I waved my hands towards her. She walked towards me. Then, she covered her upper regions with the shawl hiding her breasts and her shoulders wrapped in a shawl. She is short in height but has a big ass and tummy that scattered the entire body. We have checked inside the hotel. Receptionists did not ask any questions as we booked individual rooms. I told her to wait in her room. Then, I went into my room and placed luggage in a corner. I took condoms from my bag and got ready. Soon, I knocked the door and got inside. She was standing opposite to me. I am so much tired due to my journey and I wanted to have a bathroom sex so we could clean our sex weapons first and it also helps to keep me awake all the night. Before that, I want to undress her first. I pulled her to me and hugged her from the front. I started kissing her on lips that made her chapped lips soft and wet. She looked dark but beautiful. I kissed her lips and felt the taste of the lips. Then I pulled her tongue in between my teeth. I sucked her tongue and absorbed the saliva out of it. We have exchanged our salivas in our mouths.T hen I licked her face then reached her ears. She tickled as I tangled my tongue in ears. Then I reached down to her neck and planted kisses on her neck. On the other side, I placed my hands on her back. I pressed both assets hard. They were soft and puffy. I pulled her saree’s pallu down. She was now in half saree exposing to me in a jacket. I pulled her remaining saree that got engulfed inside her petticoat ( Langa ).She turned in a circular motion when I pulled it from petticoat ( Langa). I hugged her again and slapped both assets. They wiggled when I slapped them. I kneeled in front of her and uplifted her petticoat. I placed my head inside her Langa and reached her pussy. Then, I licked her pussy covered in panties. I pulled her panties down and began to lick the pussy. It was a big unshaved pussy with hairs on it. I could see the vaginal lips sagging out. Pussy was wetting already and some of the juice was already oozing out of it. I licked all of it and tasted them.It was salty but I licked deep inside her pussy. I could hear her moans that made my dick erect. But, I don’t want this session to end up early so I switched to top. I removed the lace of the petticoat and it fell off. Then, I removed her jacket hooks and pulled it from the front. I could see her big milky boobs that were stuck inside the bra.I wanted to free them so I unhooked her bra too. Now boobs were hanging out freely.I hold her both boobs in my hands and pressed them hard. I sucked her both tits and licked them hard.She moaned again ahhhhh ahhhh. Suck them.Hard. Suck them hard charan. Please. Ahhhhhhh.Like that.Yeah. I slapped her both boobs hard that moved continuously. I shifted my hands to her back. Then, I rubbed my fingers between her ass and kissed her lips again. I wanted her now to undress me. She slowly removed my shirt buttons one by one. She then kissed my chest and reached my nipples. Then, she bit my nipples hard and licked them. She got down on her knees and pulled my belt. She then pulled my pant down. My cock already got half erected in my underwear. She then slowly pulled my underwear and took the dick in her hands and blow it hard. She took my cock in her mouth. I got to shook when her wet tongue touched my dick. My dick head got sensitive and released pre-cum out of it. She licked the pre-cum and cleaned it. Now I want to fuck her in the bathroom. We both went into the bathroom. We both were having a shower. I began rubbing her pussy with my fingers. I inserted my fingers deep into her pussy. She has a loose and wet pussy. I began fingering it deep by shaking my fingers hard inside her pussy. She moaned loud then I licked her pussy pushing my tongue deep inside it. She moaned loud.Aaaaaaahhhhhhh… ahhhhh.Ahhhh.I began sucking her pussy faster and faster. Some of the pussy hairs went into my mouth during sucking. A small amount of vaginal fluid began to touch my tongue. It was salty. I sucked even harder. She got hold of my hair with both hands and pulled my head deep into her pussy with her both hands. I got suffocated inside her dark pussy. She told me to stop and come up. I came up kissing her tummy circulating my tongue near her navel. I went up and kissed her lips. She planted deep kisses on my neck and reached my lips. I kissed her under the shower and made her shook. She pressed my both ass cheeks very hard and pressed them hard. I took soap and applied to her body. Again we started kissing hard in the shower. She took a very deep breath as she was old. I lifted her holding her butt onto the wall. Soon, I inserted my big cock into her pussy. Thus, I stopped her moans by planting deep kisses. I began drilled in and out until my cock got cum rained. She came soon and filled my dick with her cum. Later she came down and sucked my cock and pressed my balls hard holding my balls sack in her hands. She applied soap on my body and cleaned my entire body with her hands. After that, we sat in the bathtub. I have leaned back in a bathtub holding the edges of the tub. She came and sat on my dick and took my dick into her pussy. Then, she rode my dick faster and moved up and down. She has big boobs that got moved when she moved up and down. I squeezed her boobs hard with my hands. I bit her tits hard with my mouth and pulled it. She screamed when doing it. I did not find any boob milk even after being pressed many times. So, I was upset for the first time. I never cared and I began fucked her hard. Soon, I took my fingers and rubbed her ass. I slapped her assets with my hands when fucking her. Now she faced her back on me in the tub. I licked her ass hole and fingered it deeply. She got hold of the tub edges and wanted me to fuck in her ass now. She
wanted in doggy style now. I took her in doggy position and inserted my dick into her ass hole. She shouted ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……fuck fuck fuck …yaa yaa I pulled her hair and slapped her butt hard.I even squeezed her both boobs with my both hands from the back. I came inside her pussy and fainted on her waist. We then laid in 69 positions in the tub. I licked her ass clean and licked her pussy. On the other side, she jerked my cock up and down. I released the big load on her face. She drank some and left it. Then, she rode my face too and I took pussy juice in my mouth. She wanted me to fuck her now on the bed. She wanted wild fuck. I took her to the bedroom by holding her in hands. Then, I threw her on the bed and grabbed her ass and inserted fingers into her ass. I buried my fingers deep into her ass hole and it was painful for her. Soon, I took out the finger from her hole and smelled it.I liked the taste of her ass. I wiped her ass completely with my tongue and inserted my tongue deep into her ass hole. Then, I took most of the time licking her ass hole and I liked the taste of her ass. I hugged her and softly kissed her neck and earlobes and moved my hands to her back rubbing my fingers up and down near her ass hole. She started kissing again deeply. Then, she opened my mouth and spat her saliva into mine. She bit my tongue with teeth and held my tongue in between her teeth jaws. She pulled my tongue out of my mouth and sucked it hard. We laid in the 69 position. She farted on me facing her pussy cheeks deep into my mouth and her ass hole covering my entire nose. It was very difficult for me to breathe as her ass was very large. I sucked her pussy all of a sudden. She moaned ” aah …charan …ohh no.Slowly …I will cum faster …suck me slow …” I never stopped and she shook and came into my mouth. It was a big load but I drank all the juice out of her pussy. It tastes like a sweat mixed with the salty liquid. Now I just wanted to smell her ass and taste it. I put my nose in her ass hole and smelled it deeply. I tried to force my nose into her ass hole up to the limit it was possible. It was a different smell that was dirty and stinky but sexy one. In the meanwhile, she stroked my cock very hard. She farted and rode my face.” come on, baby.Cum on me. She moaned.Ah suck me …ya charan ….And at the end squirted on my face filled with cum. Her loud voices made me aroused again. She sucked my cock like a straw ( drinking juice from straw). I even controlled my ejaculation but her suction pressure made me unable to control so I erupted and blasted my big load. She sucked all the cum in her mouth saying it was the tasty milkshake I ever had. She again squeezed my balls hardly saying “Come on tiny balls. Produce more cum.” I want so much cum from you ”.She stroked again and blow me hard. All the cum oozed out like big sperm fountain. She drank all my big load not leaving a single drop. We then changed position in doggy style. I inserted my dick into her ass very deep such a way that I was imagining riding horse (lady) holding her hair in my hands pulling her hair with my hands hard. ” she screamed a lot “stop charan ….Pls no… no Charan. Aahhh ahhhh no ahhhh.Ohhh ohhhhh ohhh ahhhh ” It was painful for her but never stopped till she came inside me. She also took revenge on me by biting my dick very hard and I screamed a lot of pain. Later, she sat on my dick inserted my dick into her pussy. She rode me very fast and on the other hand, I was squeezing and playing with her boobs. After having orgasms she got tired and fell on me. After some time, she slowly stroked my dick and kissed me hard for some time. We then sat in lotus position faced opposite to each other. She sat on my thighs and took my dick into her pussy. I slowly moved in and out of her pussy and kissed her slowly. She pressed my back and scratched my waist and my back. I released my cum into her pussy and hugged her taking my final deep breaths. Later we both had a combined bath and slept hugging each other till morning. For comments and feedback:- charantej811 HotSexyStory.com . If anyone interested to chat or want to have sex can contact me. I am ready to satisfy you. You can also build a sexual relationship too.  

desi/fucked-black-beautiful-sex-story-reader Fucked The Black And Beautiful Sex Story Reader

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