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My Fresh Morning Moaning


I am 35 years and old, married with two kids aged 12 and 7 years. My husband stays away from home because he is in defense services. He visits around once in 3 months time, and for a period of 2 weeks time. During which time we are busy partying and having sex. But much remains unfulfilled, and hardly has time to fantasize and fulfill my intense desires for experimental sex. Many times I have stopped experiencing orgasms, because we do not feel mentally very close. I have a happily married friend around 36 years of age who is a very warm, genuine, committed person to his family. He often visits us during the time my husband is here at home and also during his absence. My children are also very free with him.

It once happened that his family of wife and his kid left station to visit their relations for a week’s time. As usual my friend visited me, and my children as usual, played with him. We shared 2-3 bear mugs, and after that my kids wanted to have their food served. Both my kids slept and that left only me and my friend chatting freely. I shared with him that how much I missed my husband unlike his family life, to which he was desperately attached. He opened up that even he had been very bored of his conservative wife and who did not give him space to live a life on his own.

I asked my maid to prepare our dinner and sleep in her outside quarter and that we would soon finish of our dinner and sleep, after I would see him off.

Suddenly, in the room, where we were sitting, a room lizard fell from the roof wall on my back inside my shirt top. I jumped, screamed and yelled my life out, and started running around, just lunging and removing my shirt around. During this time, the lizard fell on the ground and sped away in the adjoining room floor. My shirt had been on the floor, and I had been wearing a netted Black brassiere, with my pants underneath. My friend immediately, handed my shirt to me, but I could see a hidden and suppressed smile on his face. He got up and asked me that he would make me wear her shirt. Just as he was about to let my hand inside my shirt, he touch my netted brassiere. The drinks had let us lose our great inhibitions, and he was tempted to hold my breasts in my brassiere showing him the outlines. He got damned excited, and immediately unhooked my Bra and removed it very gently. All this while my 36D breasts fell from their cover, and hung openly. He went to the table and got Ice cubes and started applying on my nipples. He then bent down and made me sit and started suckling the ice on my breasts like a small baby. My nipples got erected and became swollen with heat and caressing and sucking by my friend.

By this time, he removed his pants and started playing with his dick. He was circumcised and I had never had sex with a circumcised penis. I became overwhelmed, and with dying inhibitions, caught hold of his cock and started blowing him. He sat on a sofa set, and gave pleasurable moans to this sucking of his cock. His pre-cum was oozing freely on his rock hard head of his draconian penis. It was very thick around 5 Inches in Girth and not very long around 6 inches.

He slowly removed my pants and I normally do not wear any panties, and was very happy to see my cleanly shaven cunt.

He then asked to lie on the carpet below and climbed on top of me with his head towards my cunt and his cock on my face. All this while he first applied a lot of his saliva on my clitoris and started sucking lightly and then rubbing with his hand. It sent shudders down my spine. I started fiercely licking his entire shaft of penis with special attention to his head which was without a hood.

Meanwhile he tongue fucked me and that drove me crazy. I got wild, and immediately asked him to keep a pillow under my buttocks and asked him to mount on me. He very skillfully guided his entire shaft into my vagina which slid very easily with all the additional coating of cums coming from my vagina and his cock. He started pumping me first slowly and then wildly and just he was about to cum, he slowed his movements which delayed his release.

He did this for the entire 45 minutes of lovemaking, and finally gave deep and long thrusts into my vagina. He exploded and his cock grasped the walls of vagina and I could feel his dick coming up to my stomach from inside. He released his hot fluid and started moaning and taking my name wildly. I released immediately with more of my sudden contractions of my vagina not letting his cock get free after his release.

We both were ecstatic and felt extremely pleasurable, and lay there in each other’s arm for another 15-20 minutes.

We got up and shared food and had another round of vodka with 2 drinks each. By this time it was almost 2 am in the morning, and I asked him to stay back and that he could leave early next morning.

He kept a hand inside my zip of my trousers and started once again playing with my clitoris. All this excited me again. We started kissing each other very passionately. And this time I told him that I had the fantasy of getting fucked in the anus.

He was very mature and gentle and respected his partner’s feelings. He asked me to fetch a bottle of Coconut oil.

We came down on the carpet and once again removed each other’s clothes. This time, he stretched my legs as I was lying face down and my pubis over his waist. He slowly spanked me and then poured coconut oil over my back and over my anus. He slowly started giving me a gentle massage over my back and over my buttocks and slowly first slid his little finger inside my anus. He removed it and then applied more oil over the anus and then slid his first finger, to make the anus muscle more relaxed. Finally he was able to put two fingers inside my anus without any difficulty. By this time, his cock was rock hard, and he asked me mount on top of him. I got up and stretched my Buttocks and made my anus rest on the head of his big dick head. He slowly entered my anus, then once it was half inside, he pulled out and lunged his cock with great force till it was deep inside my anus. I squirmed with pleasure and taking out his name moaning.

He started giving me deep thrusts very wildly and after changing over a position by entering my anus in doggy style, he released his cumload into my anus, at the same time cupping my naked breasts. We had two great orgasms and a great night.

By this time, it was already 4.30 am in the morning. I kissed him goodbye and asked him to meet again once in a while during my husband’s absence. We promised not to disclose anything about our intimate relationships to our respective spouses and departed for the night.


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