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Flew To India For The Fun With A HotSexyStory .com Reader – Desi XXX Story

My name is Raj. I’m from Hyderabad, 25 years old and currently working with a big company in the United States. So this story is about a HotSexyStory.com reader who got in touch with me through the hangouts after reading one of my stories. Ping me on personal.stuff05 HotSexyStory.com if you want to chat, share pics or more. Any ladies in the US, in particular, are most welcome. Let me describe her for you. She was a bombshell and was a Muslim lady of 32 years. She was 5.6, petite body milky white and had great boobs 34C and a great ass. I wrote an earlier story about my foreplay with my girlfriend and she liked it. She became very horny and sent some comments. I saw the comments and sent her an email. We started chatting slowly. She told me that she was a divorced lady with a kid in Bangalore. After a while, I asked her sizes to which she replied 34 and I asked for a picture. Then, she sent some pics with various poses. She sent pictures holding her boobs, rubbing her pussy, giving me kisses, etc. I started praising her body and she loved it. So, we chatted all night. She asked for my dick’s pics and I sent her some pics. She fingered herself and sent me pics with cum on her fingers. Then, she was licking them and I came just seeing the pictures. We chatted daily about a lot of stuff and she asked me to meet her since she was very horny and wanted to have sex. After the divorce, she was living with her parents and got only one chance to fuck with a driver. Now, he was gone and she started to starve for sex. So, anyway, I was planning to go to India for 2 weeks. So, we decided to meet. I asked her to come to Hyderabad but she couldn’t make it. So, I made up some excuses and flew to Bangalore on the evening flight. After going there, I searched for some hotels and booked one of those OYO rooms for the night and sent her the info. Then, I went in, checked in and waited for her. After an hour, she knocked on the door. I opened the door and let her in. She was in blue jeans and a maroon T-shirt. I can see the outline of her boobs and I got hard. So, we went in and sat on the bed and started talking about stuff. Now the real action starts. I could not wait anymore and started kissing her. She had a red lipstick of strawberry flavor. I was sucking it completely. She also was kissing me back. I put my hand in her and completely glued my face to her. Then, I was moving my tongue into her mouth. The other hand was slowly pressing her ass. It felt like jelly but firm. After a while, we broke apart and we could not wait. She took off my shirt and jeans. I was in my underwear. Then, I lied on back on the bed and she started slowly stripping. First, her T-shirt then her red bra and jeans. Now, we both were down to underwear. Then, she started kissing me on the lips, then the cheeks and finally to my nipples. In a flash, she removed my underwear and my dick stood straight. She held it in her hand and started play with it slowly by pulling the skin back. She then smelled it and smiled at me and took the whole dick inside. That was the best blowjob I ever had. She licked it, spit on it and then jerked it. Just WOW. She was licking it and massaging my balls at the same time. After a while, I came on her face. Then, we cleaned up and now it was my turn. I went straight to her boobs. Milky white breasts with small brown areolas and nipples. I Took one in the mouth and the other with my hand. Then, I Rolled my tongue in a circle and sucked it like a milk bottle and even bit them a few times. She was moaning so hard like “ah ah ah ah”! I started kissing all of her body. Lifted her legs up, removed the black panty and made her stretch her legs. Then, I smelled her Pussy. It had a musky scent to it. I gave it a couple of licks and she was shivering. Then, I put my tongue inside her Pussy and moved my tongue in a rhythm up and down, round and round. She was gripping my hair and I couldn’t breathe at all. She was making Loud sounds. After a while, she jerked and released her juices. I licked her dry. She didn’t want to wait anymore. My cock was hard again. So, I put it on her entrance and rubbed it a couple of times and pushed it in a single stroke. I started pumping in her for 10 or so minutes. We were in the missionary position. After 10 mins, we switched to the doggy style. I was slapping her ass while pounding on her. I told her that I was coming and I took it out. Then, I came inside her mouth. We repeated this several times throughout the night and were exhausted in the morning. She came several times in the night. So that’s how I went to India to fuck a HotSexyStory.com reader. If you want more from me, send me an email and I will give you my phone number. Any interested aunties, women unsatisfied ladies, ping me. I’m coming back to India again in a few months. Ping me on personal.stuff05 HotSexyStory.com Thanks guys for reading. Let me know if you liked it or not.  

couple/flew-india-fun-desi-tales-reader Flew To India For The Fun With A HotSexyStory.com Reader

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