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My First Day With Vimala-1


Hey guys & gals “cunts & cocks”, hai to all, I am a avid reader of sex stories particularly those of younger age and old age and also those stories with color contrast like black guy with white chick type.

I am prakash 28 yrs from north Karnataka now in Bangalore as I am working for real estate. I am more tempted to write my story after reading one of stories of student teacher relationship although mine is not same and it happened in my native few months before I came here.

There was a sexy and sweet lady named vimala next door around 25 yrs ,very conservative but damn sexy in her simple cotton saree and her husband was close friend as we lived there for long time .theirs was a love marriage as she is from maharastra but very good nature and friendly .they had a 3 yr old child who was going to nursery in same convent where vim was a computer teacher for primary class children .

I have finished degree and searching for a job and I have elder brother who has a son of age 5yrs studying in 1st std in same school where vim teaches. I was getting very close to her as I used to walk with her daily with my chotu and her choti party. So we talked about everything daily that happens and use to share my and her husband childhood times as we both did our schoolings together . She also spoke frankly about herself and her family in Mumbai, how she fell in love with hemanth during her college days and slowly day by day we spoke silly jokes about India’s population, villagers sex life and people in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. Our frankness allowed to even speaking adult jokes as she was open minded and dare being bombayite . It is because of her that I am in Bangalore now that I have settled in job and happy.

Actual story starts now . I didn’t have much knowledge about computer although used to go to net to see xxx clips or movies . She had a computer and internet connection at home and was saying me to mail her when I come to Bangalore but I said I don’t know what mail is and how to do it so she agreed to be my teacher also and teach computer as we cannot survive in present day without that knowledge. Even hemanth also didn’t had any objection because it was me and every time we both went to net he used to make fun of me that I don’t even know basics of pc. He was a automobile sales executive so also was very busy in marketing and taking care of clients and may be he was not taking care of vim that much.

Daily I used to go to vim’s house for learning about internet use and programs of pc and used to check my mails also . When me and hemanth used to go to net to see bf and check mails ,he had made me one id and both account he subscribed for Indian sex stories.net for daily stories and 3 other xxx clips foreign site . I used to enjoy a lot and learnt most of the sex things from those site.

One day I said vim about my yahoo id and want to see mail she immediately opened the mail and there came the lightning shock and my face blushed in red and I became mum and uneasy feeling in front of her , I felt ashamed now cuz there were 5 stories from iss and nearly 30 mails from that foreign porn site . To my surprise she also felt shy after opening mail and took much interest in reading and seeing those porn clips, photo gallery all xxx nature , she also felt uneasy and did not speak any thing but was smiling and enjoying that. I said I am very sorry and I didn’t know much about sex and your husband only taught me all these. She didn’t speak much but went into kitchen and drank water and brought glass of water for me also. She said ok then even my husband is your teacher even if he has taught sex so now you are due to pays your guru dakshina as you learnt most of things and I said I will pay but what. she said you will come to know tomorrow as hemanth is going on a week’s tour regarding business to Mumbai you can pay me . It was almost 8 pm so I came to home .

Next day morning she didn’t come to school so I went and dropped chotu and directly came to vim’s house to see what’s wrong. The moment door opened I was suppose to faint and my heart started pumping fastly like engine, in state of shock I saw vim in white silk saree with green border decorated with all gold ,head full of jasmine flowers ,big kunkum in forehead, both hands full of mehandi ,simply to say she was looking like angel with Mona Lisa smile in face ,all saying that she is going to get married right now , she welcomed me and said she was very much sure that I will come to her house as she didn’t go to school in morning and said that hemanth went to tour early morning and wont be back for 10 days and said that you have to pay his guru dakshina with compound interest to me before he comes back.

Without knowing to say anything I went inside living room but was still speechless as to what’s happening to me . She comforted me and said to sit on sofa and gave me glass of water . I asked her why are you dressed like gorgeous angel may be your wedding saree when your husband not at home so she said to receive guru dakshna from you and ran inside her bedroom . I didn’t know what to do so sat quietly for 10 mins but she didn’t come out so I went to see her in her bedroom and again felt dizzy seeing that cot was decorated with full of flowers and room was having sandal wood smell and jasmine flowers and rose petals were fully sprayed on bed and she was standing smiling in corner with silver glass in her hands. I thought what else should one sexy goddess say verbally when she has said her thoughts by doing so much and I could not believe it at all. I understood what she wants as dakshina “the role of her husband for 10 days” and was ready to give it overwhelmingly . Without thinking about anything I went near her and she started shivering but smiling and full of shyness may be for second time now and should be first time on her first night – only change is me in place of hemanth and now it was about 1030 am instead of 1030 pm .

I went in front of her and saw glass had milk with kesar and psita topping and she forwarded her hand , I wantedly bent down bit so that she herself can feed me and she gave me half glass of milk ,then I took glass and gave her rest of milk .slowly I took my hands near her shoulders but in shyness she suddenly leaned forward onto my chest and hid her shy face in my chest partly closing ,now I held her tight with both hands and was in heaven smelling scent of jasmine which was mind blowing and showing full gratitude to god for giving me this opportunity which was like winning a crore rupee lottery .

I slowly moved my mouth on her hairs and kissing all over came to her face, she was really shy I don’t know whether she did like this in her first night or she missed all these so wants it now. She kept closed her eyes so I gave a gentle warm kiss on her eye lids and then a very warm ,tender long romantic smooch on forehead , she started living out low rhythm moan and her rosy lips were queering as though she was in Siberia . I lowered my lips onto her nose tip and felt warm breeze coming out and then to her both cheeks and zeroed onto her juicy lips and locked it , oh I was flying in heaven and slowly both of us started to bite and suck lips and tongue and drank her am Ruth for about 5 mins. Now I held her and brought to bed and made her to sit and slowly started to remove flowers , gold ornaments and felt her body , after that I removed pallu of saree by easing pin on left shoulder , umm my cock got sudden jerk seeing her blossom , oh god ! What a pair of honey pots , just wanting to burst out like volcano by tearing apart her bra and blouse, already nipple was saluting my cock by poking and standing erect and I removed full sareee and threw on floor , to follow was blouse and silky lacy pink bra which was holding her milk jugs in captive. I slowly came down to her was just kissing and drinking all the love juice my mouth was generating from her body stimulation. I released the know of her petticoat and pushed down to see main gate of heaven that is pink color lacy panty partly showing her wheat texture cave which was already shaved as it was like Sahara desert instead of nilgiris jungle.

Slowly I opened the gate by pulling panty down and kissing the main door of the heavenly love cave, she was trying to close her cave for my darshan by bringing thighs in the way, I came down to her legs and kept kissing every toe and biting the marvelous tip of toe designed in mehendi ,then licking all over her foot went to legs and to thighs which was silky smooth due to recent waxing and emanating sexy scent which was gushing from her pleasure tunnel, now I gave a warm tingling kiss and nibbled her outer pussy lips and clitt suddenly she shuddered as she got high voltage current and firmly gripped my hairs in one hand and the bed cover in other and pushed my head ahead and positioned my mouth to her heavenly hole, I opened my mouth to drink all the love juice that was flowing like Niagara and jog fall coming in jets as I flickered her clitt and lapped her cunt like hungry dog with slurping sounds, the more I swallowed the more she presented the Prasad, after about 15 mins I came to her belly and smooched and squeezed like atta, and went to her twin towers I felt god is the greatest creator as no one can destroy these towers, I want to conquer them badly and opened my both hands and cupped her milk melons but felt sorry as I could not fully capture them, I kneeled them softly and tweaked the missile tips which were hard, erect and ready for launch into space instantaneously but it was not possible in reality so I kept tuning and felt like exploring the inner wealth in her boobs so brought my lusty mouth to her rocking nipple and covered right one and sucked gently, I was encouraged by vim’s pleasing moans and wetness of her pussy and warmth of her body.

I was losing my senses as the raw meat in my mouth was able to secrete so my saliva I gulped and gulped ,now I took left one and chewed it, tickled it, sucked it to my hearts content and I tasted the drops of milk even though more watery that oozed out of nipple ,, I felt she was not tolerating any more will cum badly before she can explore my body so I kissed her lips and sucked mouth and I lay down in her position and now she started to remove my cloths although not like her wedding one , the moment she moved down my undy, my cock saluted her in joy and she started sucking my nipple and biting it sending shivers down my spine as this was first time I was with a lady although fantasized and masturbated daily , she went down to belly, after tickling my belly button with tongue she headed to the flag pole and kissed it thanking for saluting her. She held it and ran her gentle hand on the shaft and moved to and fro making me fly in happiness and suddenly I felt I was in warm hot bath tub cuz vim had taken my mock in her mouth and her warm juicy tongue massaging the shaft while teasing with her teeth, she tickled my magazine filled with millions of bullets in my balls, I felt I will explode firing all the million sperms through the fully automatic machine gun .she too sensed this and lay next to me and said to fire her with my barrel, I lifted her thighs into air and positioned my red hot rod to her love cave and she herself guided the barrel to her love cave, I slowly forwarded my hip and felt again warmth all over my cock as I easily eased in the cave and slippery, I made strokes to and fro slowing increasing the thrusts and slapping her ass with my balls and sucking her pots for honey she was seemed to be enjoying most and letting out moans fast and breathing hurriedly asking me to stroke as hard and fast as possible tearing or breaking her main gate so that I can enter the heavenly hole by passing main gate, I too was loosing my control on balls feeling that time has come to fire onto target and increased speed and fucked quickly and sharp current ran all over my spine and I became stiff and held tightly vim’s hips and fired millions of sperms in streaming jets like jog falls and felt vim contracting her pusssy as tight as possible and milking my shaft for last drops of semen, I was too tired and sweat was poring from both of us , I collapsed on vim breathing for air . After 10 mins vim and I took hot water bath and it was already 2 pm, so we had snacks and got ready for next fucking session of my “first day” .

She said she felt a married women only today as she never ever had any orgasms with her husband and said I had to fuck her continuously for 10 days so that she does not think about hemanth .


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