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Finally I fucked my hot and sexy mom-2 – Desi XXX Story

Hello everyone. This is Rahul (Sona) again. And thanks a lot for so many likes. It’s a true story believe me or not. I will appreciate your views address antasona733 HotSexyStory.com . After fucking my sexy mom, I went to sleep for a couple of hours. And my mum gets stuck in household work. In the evening I woke up and take the bath and went out to see our fields. Around 7 P.M I came back home and start chatting with my mum. But she was feeling a bit shy. In between our chat she didn’t make any eye contact. After a while, we had our dinner and I went to sleep in my room. After some time my mum came with a glass of milk in her hands. At that point, I asked her, “what happened to your mom? Why are you not talking to me?” Her head was still down and she stayed mute for a while. Then I asked her to sit on the bed. After that, I put my hand on her Shoulders. I told her, “Mum, I love you. In future, I will not let you alone. I will care about you”. After that, she started crying and told me, “I love you too, Sona”. Then, I hugged her and we remained in the same position for a while. After that, I kissed her on her cheeks. Her cheeks taste was salty because of the tears. After that, I locked her lips with mine. Then her response was great. This was the biggest lip lock time of my entire life. After that, I give her the glass of milk and on my request, she drank the full glass. After a while, she went to the kitchen and came with another glass of milk. I finished the milk and started chatting with her. After a while, she told me that she was going to sleep in her home. I grabbed her hand and asked her, “mom, please stay with me. Stay in my room”. With a naughty smile and she told me ok. After that, she lied down on the bed with me. I started kissing her on her ears. After a while, I put my lips on her lips and started kissing her quite passionately. But she was still feeling shy. She told me, “Sona, please switch off the light”. I followed her instructions. After that, we started kissing each other again. This time, her response was up to the marks. I took off her kurta and started pressing her boobs. Then I licked her belly area and the sound of hormones made me feel great. Then I unhooked her bra and she also removed my t-shirt. And I started sucking her boobs. They were so soft and medium in size. Her erect nipples felt very nice in my mouth. Then I bit her nipples and soon I could feel a bit of pain in her voice. Then I asked her, “mum, are you enjoying?” She told me only one thing, “Sona, I love you a lot. Please, don’t leave me”. Then I open the knot of her salwar and took off her panty. And started licking her pussy. Her pussy’s taste was very great. It was a salty one. Then I opened her legs to full stretched and started fucking her pussy with my tongue. Her voice was like a sweet music to my ears. While I was fucking her pussy with my tongue, she started pulling my hairs. She then requested me, “Sona, please don’t do this”. There was no stopping me. I kept on licking and fucking her pussy with my tongue. Then she requested me, “Sona, please insert your dick into my pussy”. I didn’t listen to her and kept on licking. She told me, “Sona, I am gonna die. Please, I am requesting you, put it in”. Then I asked her, “mom, how much you love me?”. She told me there was no limit. Then I told her, “no, please suck my dick and after that, I will definitely fulfill your wish”. Very next moment, her tongue was doing magic on my dick. Then I can feel the warmness of her mouth on my dick. It was very difficult for her to put whole dick in her mouth. But she was trying her level best to put own dick into her mouth. Then, once again I spread legs and started licking her pussy. I did that for a while. Then I took my dick in my hand and start rubbing the head to her pussy lips. Then I placed my dick on her pussy wall. And with a single stroke, my full dick went inside. Her pussy was super warm and lubricated. I can feel the voice of joy with every stroke inside her pussy. She told me that she was enjoying it very much. She told me that she would never let any other dick to enter her pussy. Only her Sona can fuck her. She was underneath me. Then I asked her to change the position. She was more than happy to do that. Then she was sitting on me and she took hold of my dick by her hand and guided into her pussy. I grabbed her boobs while she was jumping onto my dick with a nice pace. After a while, I came into her pussy. That made both of us very exhausted. My dick was still inside her pussy and she was on top of me. We remained in the same position for 10 to 15 minutes. I can’t give you the exact duration of our fucking but approximately it took 40 to 45 minutes. She told me, “Sona, I love you and thanks for you love”. After that, we fall asleep naked in each other’s arms. I hope you like the second part of my story. I am waiting for your comments on my email address, that is antasona733 HotSexyStory.com . My next part is totally dependent on the reader’s views. Bye

incest/finally-i-fucked-hot-sexy-mom Finally I fucked my hot and sexy mom-2

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