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Exotic Sex With Cousin Sis – English Sex Story

Dear loving friends,

I am posting this story on behalf my ISS friend Abhi who requested me to write his real story in my words and post it. He has read my earlier stories and got impressed and now he wants me to write his story with his reference.

My friend is Abhi. This story happened 5 yrs ago. This happened when he was a teenager, 18 yrs age and his cousin sis was 2 yrs elder to him. Now I am going to write the remaining story in Abhi’s words, the way he narrated me his story.

Hi ISS friends,

This is my first story. I do not have much experience in such things, so I requested my friend Sanjay to write this story for me.

This happened at my relative’s place. My cousin Naina was 20 yrs old, good looking gal, little chubby and attractive figure. I was innocent that time and a virgin too. Naina is my Mausi’s daughter. We were normal bro sis. She stays in Tamilnadu and I stay in Guntur (AP). She used to visit us during holidays and we both were having a good time as bro-sis.

Since we grew together, we were close as bro sis and used to share our thoughts and feelings with each other. In childhood, we used to bathe together and had seen nude also, with an innocent mind. Life continued like this. We used to sleep together many times. No one used to object it.

During one holiday, we went to our another relatives place and stayed there. In the night we got a chance to sleep in one room. This story started there. In sleep, I put my hand on her boobs and leg on her thighs. Generally, I sleep close to another person. It was unintentional. She must have felt unusual or uneasy. She woke me up and asked me, what are you doing? I asked her, what happened? She told me that I kept my hand on her chest, she said you should not do that, I am your sister etc. I apologized and said, I don’t know didi, I didn’t do it intentionally, I don’t know all this. She said, ok ok, be careful and sleep now. Then we again slept together.

Next day she talked to me about last night incident and said, you are a kid now, I am grown up gal. You should not touch me now at some places and she told me where and all. I said ok didi. I said, so far I never thought of such things, but now I will be careful with you. She smiled and hugged me and said, nothing like that Abhi. You are my brother, I am just telling you how to behave with grown up gals. When she hugged me, her boobs also touched me and I felt them very soft etc. I liked that feeling. But I kept quiet.

Then in next night, I became little conscious. We were sleeping together. This time I kept my hand on her boobs intentionally because I liked her softness. I also pressed them little to get a feel. She was sleeping that time. Then I pressed both boobs alternately to was feeling good. Then she woke up and got me up also. She asked me again, what you doing Abhi, are you pressing my boobs. I said, sorry didi, I just wanted to feel how they are. You said na you are grown up gal now, so wanted to understand what that means. She pinched me with love on my cheek and said, when are you going to grow up man. Why are you so kiddish. Then she went to washroom and came back and slept besides me. Then she took my hand and put on her boobs and said, do you want to feel them, do it. That refreshed my mind and felt more courageous. But I still had some doubt in my mind whether she is teasing me or allowing me. I said, sorry di, I will not do it again. You sleep quietly. Then she put her leg on me and said, come on dear, i will not scold you, you can touch them. Then I started touching her boobs boobs. She cooperated. I also liked it. Then she open the zip of her gown and took out her soft and sexy boobs and said, you can now practice how to drink milk. Wooooow. I never imagined I will get such chance. Then I started sucking her nipples. I might have bite her nipple, she shouted at me and said, do it slowly na. Then I sat on her body and started to kiss her from top to bottom. I got some energy and feeling in me about gal and I started seeing my gal friend and started kissing her passionately. She also started being free with me and she also kissed me for long time. Then someone got up in another room, maybe for washroom. So we kept quiet and slept again.

Next day we went out to market together to buy some vegetables etc. During that time, we sat in a garden on the way for some time and had some discussion about night incident. I told her, didi, now I am getting a different feeling about you. This was not earlier. She smiled and said, you are now 18 yrs old na, so you are an adult now, not a kid. I asked, what does this mean. She said, are buddu, now you have adult hormones in your body which makes you like gals. I said, you are my sister, I should not think this way. Then she laughed and said, sister also has boobs and pussy like any other gal. Then she held my hand and said, lets go home, people will be waiting for veg stuff for cooking. Then we went home.

This way I noticed that Naina was getting more free with me. I was liking her openness and free attitude. Then next night, we were sleeping together again. When everyone at home went to sleep, she woke me up. Naina said, Abhi, get up. I got up and asked her what happened. She touched my penis on pant and said, can you show me this, I want to see how much you are an adult now. I said, didi, let it be na. Then she pulled down my pant and underwear also and saw my normal size penis. Then she touched it and started shaking it. Slowly my penis became bigger and harder. She said Wow, this is good size yaar. Then I also touched her pussy area and said, can you also show me your inner parts now.

Then we switched on a dim light and both got nude. Then we touched each other’s every part of the nude body and also kissed it for a long time. I also touched her pussy with my hard penis. Then I kissed her from top to bottom. I licked her nude pussy until she got wet. Some liquid came out from her pussy, she was too happy and thanked me. I didn’t know why she thanked but I knew she was too happy.

Then she said, now we will sleep but you can sleep on my body. Then I switched off the light and slept on her nude body. Although she was relaxed, my penis was still hard and wanted more fun. After some time, I told Naina, didi, tell me na how to do real sex, I want to do it now. She said we are too young Abhi, we will not do that so early. If you want you can fuck my ass. She didn’t want to break her virginity so early.

Then I tried entering into her ass. It was too tight. Then we applied coconut oil there and tried again. That’s what we had that time. Slowly with some trials, I could enter partially. Then we did some practice like that and finally, I too got my cum out. I felt satisfied. Then we both slept nude until 4 am and then we got dressed up and slept again.

Then next day, we were talked about it when we were alone. She asked me how you felt last night. I said, Naina, are you my gal friend now. She laughed and said, yes my boy friend. Then she gave me nice lips kiss also. Then she said until I am here with you, daily you can fuck my ass and lick my pussy. We both will feel good. We continued that for next few days. Then she had to go back to her place in Tamilnadu.

During our separation period, I was missing her a lot. We started talking to each other over phone and chat. She was telling me how to control etc. She told me to watch some porns and told me few sites also and said, you will feel better and you will not miss me etc. I started watching porns, but then I started feeling sexier and wanted someone close. I told her about it. Then she said, can you come to Tamilnadu for few days. I said, next month I have two weeks holidays, that time I will come.

Then I visited Tamilnadu (my aunty’s place). In the there house, aunty and uncle were staying on ground floor. There were two rooms on the first floor. Naina was staying in one room and I was put up in another room. The interesting part was both these rooms have common bathroom and bathroom doors were connected. Moreover, these first floor rooms had good privacy. This gave me and Naina to spend a good time together.

Aunty and uncle were working. So Naina and I got full time during day and also in night for two weeks. We saw some porn movies together on laptop. Then got seduced and foreplay etc. Finally I told Naina, didi, please allow me to fuck you now. I am grown up and I cannot control it. Finally she agreed. We also read on net on how to do sex safely and with care etc. Interestingly that was her safe period. Naina said, Abhi, let is do it today, it’s safe. You can do without problem. Then we started porn movie and started imitating that scene. We both got nude, started foreplay, 69 licking etc. Then I sat on her nude body and opened her legs apart. She was still hairy. She helped me to position my hard dick at right place at her pussy. Then she hinted me to slowly try out pushing it inside. I did that. It was not going. Then she adjusted my dick to find the right hole. Then again I pushed it. Now I was going but too tight. She was stopping me to enter due to pains. Since I was in full mood, finally I pushed it hard and got inside her love hole and started jumping on it. She started shouting at me, it paining etc. I continued until I felt relaxed.

Then I took out my penis and saw it had some blood. Later understood, it was because of breaking her virginity. Then I helped her clean her wet pussy. She calms down and said, it pains a lot yaar. I said we will practice more until your love hole expands and you feel better. She said, wait stupid, let me relax first.

Then I prepared coffee for both of us. We both were nude. I said, my gal friend darling, I will fuck you lot of times now during these two weeks. Please allow me and let us enjoy fully. She said ok, but don’t make me pregnant stupid. She smiled and said, you are my brother and lover, you are not my husband.

Then every day we used to see different porns and try different positions. It was indeed my honeymoon time, just at the age of 18 years. I loved my first sister cum gal friend.

If you liked this story and incest experience, you can write to Abhi at his e at 8dfaece4f9e4e3eab9babeb4cdeae0ece4e1a3eee2e0. .

If you have similar experiences and don’t to know to write nicely, you can share your experience with me by email to 7f0c1e11151e0614510a11160e3f18121e1613511c1012. . If you want to explore more with me about secret relations, feel free to write to me as well.

Love you all,


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