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Encounter With My Colleague – My Office Sex Story – Desi XXX Story

Hi, everyone. This is my 1st story at HotSexyStory.com . I have been a regular reader of this site for the past one year. To tell you about myself, I am Harman. I am a regional manager in a reputed company. 36 years young, married, average-built from Delhi. I like to tell you about the office sex story I experienced with my colleague. Any virgin girl or unsatisfied woman who wanted to explore can nudesingh81 HotSexyStory.com . Privacy guaranteed. Now back to my story. It happened in November 2017. Since I told you that I work in a reputed company as a senior manager, I was also a part of our new product launch. We kept at Ranikhet farms where 500 people came from all over India. Hence all senior managers reached Ranikhet 3 days prior to the launch party. Naina(obviously name changed) was marketing head and was also part of the team. She is damn sexy and stats are 36/34/36. So after reaching there, I was allotted the room no 204. Since I was tired, I wanted to take a shower badly. After getting the key, I opened the room. Soon, I put my luggage and took out my inners and went for the shower. When I was taking a shower, to my surprise, I heard the noise of someone. Firstly, I ignored. While taking shower, I noticed someone wants to open the door. Since I did not lock it, it opened and to my surprise it was Naina. She saw me naked under the shower and said, “sorry, sorry” and went. I was so embarrassed. So after the shower, I went to the bed. It was 4 pm, I went to sleep. At around 7.30, I got a call on my room phone number. It was Naina The conversation was as below: Me- Hello Naina—it’s me Naina Me- (thinking about the scene) ya, tell me Naina– I am sorry. I barged into your washroom like this. Actually, my room no is 205. By mistake, I came to your room. Since I felt tired, I wanted to have a bath. So, I barged into your washroom. I am very sorry Me- no, it’s ok. Naina- no, no. I am sorry. I am ready for any kind of punishment. Because I know it’s my fault. Me- (instantly my tool got some signal. I want to make full use of it.) no, no. It’s ok. No worries. Naina- I should not have done like this. I owe your punishment. Me—(I got thrilled.) ok. If you want let’s have dinner together tonight. Naina- ok done. I will come to your room. We will have dinner together. Me -ok I got excited. It was already 8.30. So I got ready. Since I am a regular drinker, I already brought absolute vodka with me. I thought she might take some time. Till that, the time I had 1-2 peg. I called the room service for sprite and ice. After 10 mins, my room bell rang. I opened the door and it was Naina and not room service guy. She was looking so hot in a sleeveless white top and skin-tight jeans. Meantime, the room service guy also came with the order. We hugged and she came to my room. She said, “oh you only invited me for a dinner and not for drinks”. I said, “surely, we can have drinks”. I made her a drink of 30ml. Then, she took the bottle from me and poured in her glass. It was a huge (approx 70=80 ml). And then she made a drink for me too. I felt ashamed. I smiled and said cheers. Since we were having drinks, my eyes were on her boobs. She noticed it but ignored. After 4-5 drinks, we were discussing our personal life. Soon, I got to know that she was not satisfied with her husband. So I wanted to make full use of the situation. Since we were discussing, she asked about my hobbies. I said exploring women. For 4-5 seconds, there was a pin drop silence. I thought she will be annoyed but to my surprise, she asked the counter question how you explore women? Soon, I got some confidence and said I explore women from top to bottom so that she gets the best. I could see some imagination in her eyes at the same time she was judging me. We had 1 more drink. The bottle was about to finish. So, I wanted to make full use of it. My tool was erect and she noticed it. Now, I started the conversation. I said let’s play a game. She got excited and said, “ya, ya. What game?”. I took the bottle and said, “I will spin it and the person to whom the tip stops can tell or do anything”. She agreed. I gave the bottle to her to spin. She spanned and tip was towards her. She got excited and told me to dance with her. I was about to dance. But she said, “not like this. The nude dance like you was doing during your bath”. I felt stunned and excited as well. I dropped all my clothes and started dancing. Now it was my turn to spin the bottle. Now, this came to my side. I asked him to roleplay. She was about to start a conversation. But I said, “not like this. Nude role play”. She was feeling shy but has to obey as per the rules. So she took off all the clothes. After seeing her like that, my tool was erect. She saw the same. Till then, she couldn’t start the conversation. I pulled her and started to smooch her. After 2-3 seconds, she also started responding. I gently pressed her left boob. She said, “aww”. Then, I pushed her to the bed and sat on her boobs and put my tool in her mouth and I put my hands beside her head. Soon, I started pushing her head up and down. It was in a heaven. I was on cloud 9. Then she pushed me and we were in the 69 position. I was getting the aroma of her pussy and she was sucking my dick like a mad woman. Then, I spread her legs and started sucking her vagina(it looked clean shaved) she told me to fuck her as she can’t bear it anymore. She was saying “ahhh ohhhh”. I wanted to do but only after her orgasm. Since I was sucking, I felt the orgasm. The aroma was damn cool. Now even I wanted to fuck. Since my favorite position is a doggy style, I told her to turn her back. Then, she got into the position. My dick was rock solid. Then, I immediately put my tool into the juicy vagina in 1 go. She moaned. Slowly, I started hard hitting. She said, “stop it, please”. I was hitting hard and hard. I knew that I was about to cum. Immediately, I took it off and put it in her mouth. That was it for day 1. Guys, keep looking for a 2nd-day story.

office-teacher/encounter-colleague-office-sex-story Encounter With My Colleague – My Office Sex Story

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