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Doctor Gets A Checkup In The Flight – New Desi Sex Story

Hi, guys. I received quite a lot comments for my last sex story, thank you to all. On to the story, since I was free, I decided to refresh my mind through traveling. I came to Bangalore for a few days. Then from there, I decided to go to Chennai for some days. I had already booked a hotel. As I was getting ready, I got an e, from a girl named Sameera, telling me it was a good story and she loved it. I didn’t reply, thinking that it was fake. Then I got a ping on hangouts. I replied and we chatted. She was a doctor, not yet married. Our chats started becoming erotic. She was slutty in nature. Our chats started getting hotter. She soon sent her half nude pic. She had big and beautiful melons of 36c size. I shared my pics. Then I called her on hangouts and jerked off on call. We wanted each other so badly. I asked where she was from.She was from Kerala. I told her I am going to Chennai for a few days as my cousin is working there. She left the chat. She wasn’t online for the next few days. So I left for the airport. After the security check and I was waiting at the gate terminal reading erotic stories. My dick became hard. A woman came and sat near me. She touched my lap and then I noticed her face. She was Sameera. I was surprised. She was wearing a red top with her boobs hanging out and tight jeans. We talked for some time. She said she was working abroad but is currently at her native. I was constantly staring at her cleavage. She was wearing a blue bra. I was dying to touch them. We then moved into the flight. She was several seats behind me. I traded seats with people near her. She was sitting near the window. I was in the middle seat. I smiled at her. She winked at me with a naughty smile as she knew what I was up to. Then the flight took off. After some minutes, we started chatting again. I put my hand on her left lap. She smiled. Lights went out after some time. I started rubbing her lap. She looked at me and then kissed me all of a sudden. It was a passionate kiss. Our lips met, our saliva mixed. I took her tongue with my tongue rolling over it, twisting it, rubbing it with my own. I put my one hand around her and pulled her closer. My other hand was pressing her melons. They had a spongy feel and were the softest boobs I have ever pressed. I pressed it hard and she opened her mouth to moan. I bite and locked her lips again. I sucked her left cheek and I licked towards her mouths. A slow and sweet moan came from her, “Aaaaaaaahhh…” I felt that she was gasping for breath. Then we broke off when flight attendant passed by. It was awkward for both of us. My dick was rock hard and I wanted to feel her boobs. Those spongy boobs were not going away from my thoughts. After some time, I pushed up the handle between our seats and slowly placed my hand over her lap. She pulled my hand and guided it towards her pussy. I felt the wetness on her love hole. I took my hand back and licked it. The smell of her pussy and the taste made me a lot more hard. My dick was dying to come out of my jeans. It was hurting me a lot. Fucking her was all that I had in my mind. As flight attendants were distributing food, I had to wait. When they reached us, I took a can of Stella ortis and she took grape juice. While taking it from the air hostess, she rubbed her elbow over my dick. The drink I was having fell on to my t-shirt.Those attendants left soon. She put her hand on my collar and pulled my shirt down and slowly licked my shoulders. Luckily, the guy opposite of us didn’t notice. We had a 2 and 1/2 hour flight ahead of us. We finished our drinks. As lights again went out again, I pulled the handle up and I placed my head on her lap. Her boobs were brushing my head now. Those spongy melons. I slowly started licking her pelvic region while she was biting her fingers and moaning, “Mmmm….. Eeeee…” I straightened my head. Her boobs were near my mouth. Her nipples poked out. I bit her boobs from the lower part.She moaned, “Aaaaaa..” I moved on to her right boob and took her other boob with my right hand. I licked her boobs over her shirt. I pinched her left boobs. I saw her nipples becoming hard and poking out of the top, like a button. My fingers were in her mouth. She was sucking it like a dick sucking each finger and moaning, “mmmm….. Hhhhh….” I continued to suck her breast in my mouth. Then we changed our positions. I took out my dick carefully. As I removed the zip, it was standing like a pole. She smiled, bent over and licked my precum. When her breath fell on my hard dick, it throbbed. She then licked its head and then slowly took it into her mouth while moving her tongue allover it. She choked a little as she couldn’t get the whole dick into her mouth. A flight attendant passed by and I thought she saw what we were doing. But we didn’t mind and she continued sucking it and sucking faster. She licked the sides of my dick and bit its foreskin. I was in pain and pleasure at the same time. I covered my mouth.She was sucking it really hard. Her left hand moved up and was feeling my chest. I sucked her fingers. She caressed my legs.Then her right hand moved to my balls. She took them in her hand, pressed and pinching them. I started to take long breaths outs as I moved into pleasure.It went on for 10 minutes. She stroke my cock with her soft hands and she bit my balls. My dick started to throb. She put it in her mouth and I cummed inside her mouth. She then came and kissed me with my cum in her mouth, sharing the sweet salty taste. I licked her tongue and tasted my own semen. I was relieved. I dressed properly. She was still wet. She opened the zip of her pants and I put my hands into it. She was wet and her panties were drenched in her own fluids. I rubbed her pussy over her panties. She was aroused. I kissed her and pressed her panties into her pussy lips. I felt her pussy lips through her panties. I pinched and rubbed them. She broke the kiss to moan. I continued rubbing her pussy.She came within a few minutes. Then we ended our session after a few more kisses.The flight landed and while passing by, the flight attendant who saw us earlier, smiled at us. Sameera asked me where I was staying. I gave her my number and address of the hotel. She came to my hotel room that night in a black saree. She had a perfect doll look. I pulled her inside and closed the door. I hugged her from behind and started feeling her ass.I felt that it was softer than her boobs. I removed her pallu. I slowly started to lick her neck and back. She felt tickle over her neck and shivered in pleasure. I slowly licked down towards the knot.I removed her blouse by untying the knot with my mouth.She gave out a sweet moan. As soon as her blouse fell, her boobs came out. She was not wearing a bra. I hugged those sponges from behind, feeling them while I was licking her neck. I pulled her nipples and started to milk them as she turned towards me. She slowly moved her hand towards my trousers and was rubbing it. I then felt her with my hand from her head to her navel, slowly rubbing caressing each and every area of her body. Then I pressed her navel and kissed there passionately. I then moved my hand into her skirt, removing the knot and lowering it. I pushed her onto the bed. I removed my trousers.My rod came out. I kneeled before her and started to rub her pussy through her sweet black panties. I slowly kissed her from her feet to her thighs.She was moaning, “Aaaass….. Mmmmm…. Uuuuuuhhh” Then I pulled her panties down. I took my middle finger and started to finger fuck her while I simultaneously licked her outer pussy, sucking and chewing her clitoris. She was on cloud nine and was moaning very loudly. I bit her clitoris and she moaned, “Aaaaaaaaaah”. Soon she cummed on my face. I moved up kissing her navel, her boobs, her cleavage and reaching her face. She licked her cum off from my face. We then lip locked. She pushed me to the bed and came on top of me. She then took my cock and positioned it at her pussy entrance and started
easing in and out her pussy on my dick. She was moaning, “Aaaaaaaah…… Uuuuuuuh…. Mmmmmm… ” She was riding me and I got to suck and milk her bouncing boobs. I pumped her faster and harder and soon cummed into her pussy. We then moved to doggy style and I fucked her ass hole. Hope you guys had a great time. Would love to hear your comments at danxxlov. Message me anytime. Till the next time. Bye sexy dudes and hot babes.

couple/doctor-gets-a-checkup-in-the-flight-sex-story Doctor Gets A Checkup In The Flight

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