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Chennai Landlord With A Hot Bhabhi – Part 1 – Desi XXX Story

Hi guys, I am Vishal 29 years old software engineer working in an MNC in Chennai and living in Velachery. I earn quite well working as an engineer in the MNC. I was out of India for 4 years and recently moved back to Chennai. With my hard earned money, I bought a house near to Chennai corporate companies for letting it out for rent. This true story is about a romantic relationship I had with one of my tenants. It would be a long one. It has multiple parts since I would like to describe each and every instance happened, this story is just not about sex but romance and physical pleasure with that hot bhabhi. About the heroine of the story, she is 37 years old woman. I am writing this story of her with her knowledge. Coming to the story now, my flat is near to one of the famous landmarks in OMR. It was one fine evening, I received a call from a guy asking whether the flat is available for rent. He asked me for an ideal time to visit the flat. Since it is a gated community I have given the house key to the watchman over there to show the flat if someone comes there seeing the to let advertisement from the internet. I enquired about him whether he is family man or bachelor, he replied back he is a family man with kids. I gave him the contact number of the watchman over there and asked him to give a call to watchman before he visits the flat. After a week I received a call from him saying he likes my flat and 4wanted to move in. I was very happy hearing the news because it would help me pay the EMI. I invited him to my house to finish the formalities and he invited me and my parents to the housewarming. On the day of the housewarming, I and my parents got ready and reached the place for housewarming function. There were few kids playing around the floor and I could see some of the flat neighbors with new clothes entering the flat for the function. Till now I haven’t seen the heroine of this story. As we enter the house, Mr. V (tenant name changed) welcomed us and he was searching for his wife who was busy in the kitchen. He introduced her to us. She looked like a typical south Indian lady with the bindi on her forehead. I saluted her and they made us comfortable by introducing us to the rest of their relative’s crowds. I handed over the gifts to them and I bought some candies since I remember Mr.V said he has kids, I gave the candies to the kids. Kavitha (name changed)said thanks for giving the gift as well as for the candies. Their second kid was kind of mischevious and was asking lots of funny questions to me which I was answering patiently. Kavitha came to us and ask her kid to go play and she talked to me for the first time saying “My kid always talk like this”. I replied its ok, I like chatting with him. We continued chatting and the function went well. While we were leaving the kid said: “when do you come back ?”. I said anytime when you call me. We bid goodbye and left the place. Months rolled by and I almost forgot about Kavitha, it was after some 4 months I received a call from Kavitha. She requested for mosquito nets to be fixed on all the windows because of nonstop mosquitoes torture during the evening time. I said ok for that and said I will send a guy for fixing it, before that I asked whether she can help me with the measurement. She said ok and sent me the measurement on the same evening. I decided to go to the flat to check the carpenter work and also to make sure he doesn’t overcharge. I rang the bell and Kavitha opened the door. Then, I and carpenter went inside the house and the kids came running towards me asking for chocolates.Kavitha said not to disturb me. I said its ok and handed over the chocolates to them. Till this moment, I never had any sexual intention towards Kavitha. I casually asked where is Venkatesh. She said he is out of the country for three months for work purpose. I then asked so you living alone with kids here, she said no my mom is here. She came here for helping me and also to help me not feel lonely. So we started the conversation casually. Me: So your kids and husband like this house? Kavitha: Yes, in fact, I also love this place. The kids always go play in the park during the evening time. Me: That’s great to know. Where is your mom I asked? Kavitha: She is in kitchen, I will call her. Me: Nice to meet you, aunty. She was busy cooking, so she went back into the kitchen. Meanwhile one of the workers went to buy some hardware stuff. Another carpenter guy asked for help to hold some tape. Kavitha rushed to help him, while she tried to help him, the first time I saw her beautiful waist while she kept her hands up for holding the tape. She was aware that her waist is exposed, she was trying hard to cover it with her saree and holding the tape in another hand. Seeing that I offered to help her and asked Kavitha to sit. She thanked me. I was holding the tape and I was thinking about her beautiful waist which was so curvy and milky. She was standing next to me and trying to help as much as she can so that I would not feel odd. While she was giving me some screws and tools couple of times of hands brushed each other. It was not intentional though I loved that moment. After the work is done, we left the place. I thought she would thank me by msg or via call because I was literally doing her household work. But I never received any call from her. Two days later I called her to just check if the mosquito net is fine and told her not to hesitate if she needs anything else needed to be done for the house. She thanked me for helping and she asked me whether am I free the coming weekend. I said yes and asked why? Kavitha: I and my mom are planning to invite you to lunch here. Me: Yes sure why not. I can join you guys. Kavitha: thanks for that Vishal. What’s your favorite dish? Me: anything you feel easy to cook Kavitha: Ok we will prepare the best for you. On the day for lunch: I rang the bell and Kavitha opened the door. She looked gorgeous than ever with her mangalsutra, bindi, and kumkum on her forehead. She was in red color saree. That’s the day I fell for her. I handed over a gift to Kavitha this time in fact not a personal gift but for the family and as usual I gave chocolates to the kids. I was playing with the kids and before 1 PM, she invited for lunch. Meanwhile, one her of kids wanted to use the restroom for which Kavitha took him, I had to wash hands and I went to wash basin but the other kid was doing playing with the water there and asked me to use the bathroom. I went that way during which I saw Kavitha entering the restroom with her kid by tying her saree till her knees. I saw her milky white legs and she didn’t notice me looking at her. My heart was raging looking at her beauty. It was such a beautiful feeling, I fell in love with her beauty.  I washed my hands in another restroom and came back to the dining table. She was looking at me while she was serving the food and I was looking her beautiful eyes. Whenever our eyes caught each other she was trying to look away. Before having the lunch, I was asking her and her mom why are they not joining us. They said they will eat after we finish. After finishing my lunch, I complimented and thanked her for the awesome food. Then I wanted to be sweet to her, so I requested her and her mom to start eating and I serve them. They resisted but I was too sweet they had to agree finally. While I was serving a couple of times, our hands brushed and she responded with sorry. It was such a nice experience to serve food to this gorgeous woman. After we all finished the lunch, I went shopping with kids to buy ice cream. I bought two flavors which are the kids favorite and two flavors which are my favorite. I gave one of my favorite flavors to Kavitha, she said it is her favorite flavor too and had it with a smile. After all the beautiful moment, it was time for me to leave. I bid goodbye and left the place. Kavitha was standing at the doorstep waving goodbye to me like my wife. While returning back home, I was dreaming about all the good things happened at her place. Around 9 pm, I sent her a msg in WhatsApp tha
nking her for the lunch. Me: Thanks Kavitha for a wonderful lunch. She replied instantly which was kind of unusual. In fact, I guessed she was chatting with her husband. Kavitha: My pleasure Vishal. You were a wonderful guest and thanks for the ice cream. Me: My pleasure too. You were a wonderful host and the kids are so nice. Kavitha: My kids love you. Feel free to visit here whenever you get time. So I thought of moving the chat into personal stuff. I wanted to know her willingness to chat with me Me: Where you buy saree usually, my parent’s wedding day is coming. I am planning to gift them new dress. Kavitha: Oh wow, advance wishes to them. I usually buy at RMKV, it’s beautiful there but little expensive. Me: Oh ok, this is going to be my first time experience in buying saree. I will go to RMKV.I wish someone could help me. I don’t want my mom to get disappointed with the design or something. Kavitha: Yeah, take your girlfriend. Me: I don’t have a girlfriend now. I had before but we are separated due to some problem from her side. Kavitha: So sad, wish I can help you. But my mom is with me she never allows me alone. Me: Yes I think so too. I thought of asking you for help but its too early to ask help from you. Kavitha: Oh Vishal, don’t you have to worry about that. You can ask me whenever you need any help. I will figure out a way to come there at RMKV, but I cannot come alone. I will take my younger kid since the elder one will tell my mom about the shopping. Me: Let me know when you can make it, so we can go on that day. Kavitha: This Saturday I would be free. Me: Done. Kavitha: we ill come to phoenix mall by auto, you be there around 2 pm. I was wondering what’s with this woman, she said ok to come out with a stranger which is me. I was thinking whether she likes me or she just wants to go out because her husband is not home to take her out and she cannot or has no reason going out alone. On the day of shopping, Kavitha was wearing a black saree which was little transparent but she wrapped her saree well not to expose even a single bit of it. I handed over a chocolate to her kid. Before reaching to the mall, I went to a shop to purchase a beautiful gift for Kavitha. I handed over the gift to her saying “a small gift for this lovely sweet woman”. She accepted it with a smile and said I don’t know where am I gonna keep this because no one knows I am meeting you here. I presented her a beautiful handbag. We started shopping and she chose the saree for my mom. We paid and when we are about to leave I asked her if I can drop them in my car. She hesitated and in insisting they should come with me instead of auto. Finally, she agreed and we started in our car, while on the way I stopped in Ibaco in OMR and I ordered her favorite flavor for her. I dropped them near the apartment and bid goodbye. She sent me a msg while I was riding “reach home safe”. As soon as I reached home, I replied her “I reached”. She thanked me for the handbag once again and said she received a gift after a very long time. She said it is so memorable for her. Me: you are such a special person Kavitha. Kavitha: Thanks, Vishal. You too. You just made me feel like I am in my teenage. I love gifts. Me: You look like 20 yrs old and never look like a mom for two kids Kavi. Hope you don’t mind me calling you Kavi. Kavitha: Stop kidding Vishal. Me: serious Kavi, you are so sweet and beautiful. Kavitha: Thanks, Vishal. you are handsome too. My kids love spending time with you. You are such a gentleman. Me: Your favorite color? Your was a love marriage? Kavitha: No Vishal arranged, I wish I had a love marriage though. My favorite color is black and pink. Yours? Did you like my saree today? It was my favorite one Vishal. Me: Yes I liked it, it was transparent Kavi. My favorite color is blue and black. Kavitha: Oh you noticed it well. My husband never allows me to wear this though I wrap it well. Since he is not here, I wore it Vishal. Me: You looked so beautiful Kavi. Kavitha: Thanks, da Vishal. Its been ages a man has complimented me. When I was in college lots of boys are behind me but due to family restrictions, I had to do arrange marriage. Me: I am sure you must be so beautiful at your young age Kavi. Kavitha: would you like to see my college days photo? wait Me without even replying yes, she asked me to wait before sending her college photo. I received her photo in a flash.OMG, she was such a stunner in young age. Me: You look beautiful Kavi, I am sure if I was in your college. I would have proposed you 😛 Kavitha: Haha, really? am I that beautiful? You are handsome too. So now I am older than you don’t propose ha ha. just kidding Vishal. Me: lol, why not. I can propose you even now. Age is just a number Kavi Kavitha: So why you don’t have a girlfriend? you look good. Then I explained her about my past. That was the end of our first day. Before going to bed I sent her a message saying “till your husband comes back you can be yourself”. Kavitha: How I wish Vishal. It was during one of the weekdays, I sent her a msg saying if you are free and willing we can go out and do things that you like. You can go out easily since your elder one will be at school. She said where to go during daytime Vishal. Anywhere I said. I wanted to go for a bike ride. Can you take me? Do you have a bike da? Me: Yes I have, but I prefer we can go in the evening time if its bike. Kavitha: How? My kid will be back home Me: You can say some reason for your mom? Kavitha: I will try. After two days no update from her about the plan. Finally, it was on Thursday she said we can go on Friday evening. I wore a black dress for her and I went on the bike to the nearest location to her flat. She came in another black saree. I complimented her for her costume on that day and she held my shoulders to get on my bike. It was such a wonderful feeling “A beautiful married woman with me on my bike”. I drove slowly and we kept talking about our whole bike trip and she covered her face with a dupatta which she bought with her so that no one would notice her. While I was riding she asked me where am I heading to. I said surprise and took her to fisherman cove. I have reserved a table for us and it was a beautiful candlelight dinner setup.She was looking so stunning in candlelight and I gave a beautiful nose ring I bought from Swarovski for her because she told me about her likes for wearing it. She loved it and she changed it for me on the spot. While she was trying to wear it, she raised her hands to adjust it, her beautiful tummy was visible and I could see her wet blouse under her armpit. After wearing, she asked me how she looks. I said amazing and if you are unmarried I would have proposed you and I laughed. She said why not do it now. why hide your wish. It’s just for fun, I am sure I would not turn down such a handsome man proposal she said and laughed back. I handed over her a rose and proposed in a typical cinematic fashion by going down on my knees. She was awestruck and “Vishal is this real”? I feel like one. She took the rose from my hand and said: “you are so lovely da”. I have never experienced this before and her eyes went moisty. I said come on Kavitha, enjoy your time with me and be happy. After finishing our food, I took her for a walk on the seashore. I asked her “Do you mind if I hold your hand Kavi?”. She asked me “Why?”. Aren’t we lovers I said in a funny tone. She replied I don’t mind you holding my hands Vishal, I like it. She confessed it was during her college days she like a guy name Vishal which is why she started getting so close to me. Hearing that I felt upset for her for not having the life she wanted and I held her hand and pulled her close. While walking, I was looking at her beautiful face and her expression when she talks. She avoided looking at my face as she was shy and I slowly started moving my fingers on her hands. She didn’t resist and she kept talking in the same pace and I realized it is the moment that I wanted where I can initiate for something romantic. I don’t feel like seeing her as just a fuck meat,
instead, I am falling for her. Such is such a beauty and elegance. I held her hand tight and asked her to stop. Since it is private beach we don’t see much people there and I held her waist and pulled her close. She was shocked by my action but didn’t react and I opened a beautiful ring I bought for her and showed it to her. She had tears in her eyes looking at that ring and said Vishal I cannot accept this ring. I am married and I cannot wear it. I said don’t wear it always but wear for now. She looked little reluctant and I held her left hand and helped her wear the ring. She was full of love and I can see it from her eyes. Kavitha: why you are so good to me, da? Me: Because I like you and I really mean it. Kavitha: I like you too. Me: I was holding her waist, it was the conversation first time happened with both of them looking into each other eyes. Kavitha: What do you feel about me? Me: I know you like me Kavi. Saying that I held her waist tight and gave a gentle rub. She closed her eyes in a flash and whispered “Vishal”. She hugged me tight and didn’t utter a word. I was moving my hands slowly around her waist, her waist is well covered and I couldn’t get a feel for her real smooth waist yet. But I don’t want to rush like a hungry desperate mad dog. I whispered in her ears “I love you my Kavi”. She responded saying “I love you da”. After the hug, I held her waist and we went for a walk. Then I showed her the video of me playing the guitar. I learned it during my school. She felt surprised seeing that and asked me if I can play it for her. I told her “For that, I have to be at your home “. She said to bring the guitar and play as if you are playing for the kid’s da. We had a nice time with few hugs and touches after we left home. When she sat on the bike this time, it was a bit closer to me and said drive fast da. I drove fast and applied brake at times to make sure her body falls on mine. In the upcoming parts, I would explain how we loved each other which lead us both to bed and different types of sex we had. Please write your feedback at vishalkumr24 HotSexyStory.com

couple/chennai-landlord-hot-bhabhi Chennai Landlord With A Hot Bhabhi – Part 1

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