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Chennai Call Boy Enjoying A Divorced HotSexyStory .com Reader – Desi XXX Story

Hi readers, I am Vignesh, back again. (Vigneshchennaicallboy93 HotSexyStory.com ) I work for an IT Company. Age 25, Athletic body. I’m a part-time call boy. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Welcome to another story on HotSexyStory.com . I got a mail from a lady named Sheetal. She is from Mumbai. She is a divorcee and living alone for the past 4 years. Then, she said that she liked to dominate and I am fine with that. She inquired about the charges to which I explained everything and she felt ok with that. She is 39 years old and she has a daughter who is studying in a college in the hostel. But she said that she should be with her for two days. I asked her when does she wanted my service. Because I need to plan according to my week off. The date was fixed and we exchanged our numbers and she booked the tickets for me. We were chatting like we were best friends for a long time. She is really calm and did not hesitate to share anything with me. She sent her pics. OMG, she was so beautiful since she regularly hits the gym. So, no extra flesh and perfect body shape. Finally, the day had arrived. I reached Mumbai by evening and she came to the airport to pick me up. We reached her house within next 40 mins. She was wearing a black salwar and red leggings. We had packed some dinner on the way to her house. That was a very luxurious house. I took a quick shower and we had our dinner. While eating, we both were rubbing our legs giving naughty smile. After the dinner, we both were on the sofa. We were getting close and our hands started to rub on each other. Then, we kissed slowly started smooching. My hands came to her boobs cupping them and pressing them softly. I was kissing and licking her neck. She breathed heavily and her hands were roaming on my crotch pressing my cock harder. We headed to the bedroom removing our clothes as fast we can. Then, she said, “I want your mouth right on my pussy now” and she laid on the bed with the open legs to which I happily obliged. I started to kiss her pussy slowly and started to lick it. It was a clean shaved and very smooth. Her body was shivering and she pushed my head deep into her pussy which I really loved. I was sucking and licking her pussy like a mad dog. She clutched on my hair and she came. I made her cum twice like that. She was a bit exhausted. But I was not yet done. She moaned to play with her boobs and I am on it. Circling her nipples with my tongue and Biting it and crushing them with my hand. She felt the ecstasy. Her hands reached my hard cock and massaging it. She pointed it at her wet pussy and I pushed myself in. It was very wet and smooth to go easily. Then, I started fucking her and she moved her ass to match the rhythm. Then, she wrapped her hands around my neck and we started kissing madly. My pace was increasing and she started to moan really loud and she finally, she came. Within some time, I also came into her pussy. We both were panting and lied to each other smiling. After a while, she told me to lick her ass. She was in the doggy style and I was kissing, licking, and biting all over her ass. She told to lick her asshole and I opened her ass started to lick it slowly. Her whole body shivered. Then, I slowly inserted my finger while licking her faster. She collapsed on the bed and reached her orgasm. She told me to pick up the lube from the cupboard which I did. Then, I applied it to her asshole to make it easier to fuck. I applied my saliva on my cock and slowly started to push inside her asshole. She was clenching her hands on the bed. I went deep inside her. Slowly, I started fucking her by holding her hip. We fucked for another 20 minutes and she reached her orgasm twice and I also came. We both were very tired and felt hungry. So we had an ice cream and fruit salad. After a while, we started our next session. We were enjoying until early morning 3 and we slept naked till the next day 10 AM. And we had a morning session. We went to shopping, movie. She bought me some good clothes and perfume. When we reached her home, again we took a shower together. Smooching each other. I pinned her hands against the wall and rubbed my cock on her pussy and licked her boobs. She too rubbed her pussy faster. She released her hands forcefully and took my cock and pushed it into her wet pussy. The water was dripping all over our body but still, we can feel our body heat. She wrapped her left leg around me which gave a full access to her pussy and I was fucking with all my energy until we reached our orgasm. We dried ourselves and took a quick nap and our fucking session continued for the rest of the day. We enjoyed the core for the two days. She said that she enjoyed my company as a friend which is my natural and she paid me the amount she agreed and dropped me at the airport. So, readers, don’t forget to send your valuable feedback to me. I will post my next story soon. Thank you. Women who need my company, please vigneshchennaicallboy93 HotSexyStory.com .

couple/chennai-call-boy-enjoying-divorced-desi-tales-reader Chennai Call Boy Enjoying A Divorced HotSexyStory.com Reader

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