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Bold Savita Bhabhi Catching A Burglar – Desi XXX Story

After a long day with her friends at a party, Savita Bhabhi decides to head home. She loves to attend the parties when her husband Ashok is not around. She could kill her time and have fun as well. After a couple of drinks, she told everyone that she needed to leave. But her friend Betty stopped her. She wanted all her friends to a party bird just like her. At the same time, she also takes care of all her friends. Since her husband understands her, they would enjoy clubbing together. The rest of the housewives joining them would lie to their husband just like Savita Bhabhi did. Betty: Wait. Why do you want to leave so early? Savita Bhabhi: Sorry. I am very much high. I cannot stand. Betty: But the night is still young. Look at the time. Not even 12. SB: I know. But I am so sorry. I have to leave. Betty: Do you have any important work tomorrow? SB: Yeah. My husband might come early tomorrow. Betty: So sweet. I won’t stop you in that case. SB: Thanks. Bye guys. Thank you for the wonderful night. Betty: Wait. I cannot leave you to drive like this. SB: Hey, I am fine. I can drive my car. Betty: Shut up. Suesh, darling. Suesh: Yes. Betty: Will you behave as a gentleman and drop my friend at her home? Please? Suesh: Sure. SB: Honey, you don’t have to do this. I can drive. Suesh: Listen to your friend. I will drop you. Now, walk with me. Betty: Darling, she could not walk. Could you please support her with your shoulder? Suesh: Sure honey. Have fun with the rest of the angels and I will come back soon. Betty kissed her husband and he held Savita Bhabhi with his shoulders. They walked to the car and he made her sit in the front seat and locked the seat belt. Soon, he started to drive. After a while, he told her, Suesh: How do you feel now? SB: Better. Still, Betty has no idea about us? Suesh: I am not sure. I think she will not mind even if she finds out. SB: Don’t take it for granted. Suesh: I feel guilty when I cheat on her. SB: Hey. Same here. Even I feel guilty when I cheat on my husband. What a match! He smiled at her and slowly the lust took charge in their eyes. Then, he stooped the car and hugged her tight. She threw herself at her and began to smooch him wildly. They could not stop themselves and soon Savita Bhabhi removed her tops. Her attractive breasts looked like a feast to him. So, he grabbed them and took them to his mouth. She started to moan when he sucked her erect nipples. She shouted aloud since none could hear them in that place. Her noise aroused him even more. He quickly removed his pants and his long dick bulged out. Soon, she stopped him sucking her tits and pushed him back. After looking into his eyes intensely, she bent down and took his long penis into her mouth. She began the blowjob and Suesh could not stay in one place. The lust and the pleasure made him move and his body shiver. Suesh knew very well that only Savita Bhabhi could do the best blowjob in the world. After sucking his dick for a while, she removed her panty but kept her skirt on. Without a delay, he inserted his dick into her love hole and began to bang her hard. But suddenly, Betty called him. He stopped and cleaned his face with the towel. He really felt scared with a doubt that she might know something about them. Betty: Where are you? Suesh: On my way to Savita’s home. Betty: Not reached yet? Suesh: No. Why? Betty: Come soon. I need to meet someone here. Suesh: Fine. After the call, he looked at her with a sorry written on his face. She understood and smiled at him. She said, “Some other time”. Suesh felt pleased with her understanding and dropped her home. Then, they kissed for ten minutes and he left the place to join his wife. Savita Bhabhi looked something strange in her home. When she came to her bedroom, she heard something in her husband’s study. Soon, she took Ashok’s licensed revolver and went to the room. She saw a thief taking some cash from the safe. SB: Stop. Who are you? Vijay: (Looking at her holding a gun) Maam. Sorry. I am a local thief. I will keep everything in the safe. Please, don’t harm me or call the police. I will leave soon. SB: Keep your bag on the floor and walk. Vijay: Where? SB: To the next room. Vijay: Okay. He walked to her bedroom and stood in front of her with his hands raised high. Savita Bhabhi felt very horny since Suesh did not finish the sex. So, she told him to remove his clothes since she wanted to see if he had hidden anything in his body. Soon, he removed his outfit and stood to wear a boxer. SB: Remove that too. Vijay: Madam? SB: Do it. Vijay: Okay. Wait. Soon, he removed his boxer and the fact that he was standing in front of a hot married woman made him horny and his dick stood erect. SB: Do what I say without any question. You have a nice penis. Stroke it till you cum. Vijay: Okay. He loved to jerk off at that time and took everything as a compliment from nature. When he started to jerk, Savita Bhabhi pulled her skirt up and inserted her finger into her shaved pussy and began to finger fuck herself. Both came at the same time. After a while, Savita Bhabhi kneeled in front of him and took his long dick into her mouth. After sucking it for some time, his dick became erect again. Soon, she stood and exposed her ass to him. He inserted his tool deep into her butt and banged her hard. Finally, he came inside her and they took rest before the next round. So, guys, keep liking this post if you wanted to read another adventure of Savita Bhabhi.

couple/bold-savita-bhabhi-catching-burglar Bold Savita Bhabhi Catching A Burglar

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