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Banging Soniya – Part 3 – New Desi Sex Story

This is part 3 in continuation to the part 2 of the Banging Soniya Series. I wish you read part 1 and 2 before reading this for best reading experience you will ever have.So after elder sister Soniya was tagged as a college slut she lost all her freedom at home and my parents kept her under strict monitoring. she stopped seeing outside boys and became close to me and started seducing me once again. After the temple fucking we broke our ego barriers and got United once again for reckless and mindless fucking sessions.It was almost evening by the time we finished all the small temples near by and then had our meal. I thought we start back home by now but now my parents say that we have to spend a night at the old temple quarters for good luck. The temple quarters were honestly nasty and didn’t even have proper bathrooms or proper sanitation. They were free and small, no beds and only had one small light bulb. First I thought it was a crazy then my mind started planning how to fuck Soniya in these circumstances. Even Soniya sensed it and we agreed. It was 9 PM and we had i sleep so that we can get up early in the morning and take bath at the river stream near by and then do some pooja and head back to home by morning 9 AM. We only had one common mat to sleep on and luckily we had two bed sheets in the car. First asusually our strict parents decided that myself and my dad would use the smaller one and my mom and Soniya would use the bigger one which was also dirty as hell. Now Soniya was pissed off and said she dosen’t want to use dirty one and even I started the game saying I’ll not use the dirty one at all. So watching is quarreling about the blankets, our parents did think much as they tired and asked both of us to use the clean and big one and they use the dirty and small blanket. We won and now we slipped under the blanket and were rubbing each other’s legs. Soniya was wearing a long silky nighty and nothing else. I was wearing a t shirt and a boxer. Our parents slowly slipped into sleep. The order of positions was my dad, my mom, Soniya and I was to the other end. I didn’t want the night to go in vain and loose the opportunity so once we confirmed they slept I slipped into the blanket and lifted Soniya’s silky nighty up to her neck revealing all her beauty from her toned smooth legs to lean waist to her exposed juggling boobs. She was massaging my hair as I kissing her whole body like a hungry dog. We had a good fuck inside the temple but there was not much of kissing and licking so we started caressing and massaging and kissing our bodies at 10 and went on exploring each other’s bodies thoroughly. There was a gap between my mom and Soniya as we had a separate blanket so it’s wasn’t that difficult for me to slip on to her. I sucked her boobs slowly by caressing them and was biting the nipples and she was moaning very slowly so that only we could hear. Inside the blanket basically she was naked. So I kissed her navel and hips and was feeling her beauty inch by inch by rubbing my manly beard on her smooth skin. As I moved further down she spread her legs wide opening the heaven gates for me to enter and I licked her pussy lips and dogged into her vagina with my tongue and fingers.It was almost over an year I am feasting upon this beauty so I was taking time to slowly excite her hormones and get satisfied myself. My head was struck between her opened legs for at least 45 minutes and she climaxed like 3 times in that time and she was begging me to fuck her and I was resisting my hard on and my penis was bursting with high pressure and heat. She was stroking my dick and now it was her turn I slept on my back and lifted my r shirt up and boxer down to my feet. Soniya was now kissing my strongly built chest which was built after she left me. She was feeling the strength with tight hugs and grips with her hands on my shoulders and arms. She was feeling a man and not her little brother. But i was feeling my elder sister Soniya because I loved her so much from the childhood. Then I pushed her down towards my dick and she sucked it really good for at least 30 minutes while playing with it, kissing it and sucking on my balls and so on. After her she sucked it really hard one last time I ejaculated a fresh load into her throat directly and left no evidence. No in the dim light my dick was rock solid still and shining bright like a pink diamond and her pussy was wet and she was so horny she was fingerling herself before I could fuck.So now I made sleep onto her right side directly watching our parents and lifted her nighty upto her ass and as I was sleeping on to my right side slowly lifted her legs up into the air and inserted my dick into her vagina. Banging Elder Sister She was balancing her leg now resting her foot on my left thigh and was fucking her hard from behind. We thought about anal but given the circumstances went ahead normally. Luckily I was feeling the warmth and tightness on dick as I fucked in this position. I fucked for 10 minutes and we both were becoming wild and suddenly Soniya took a bold step and asked me to come over her in the missionary position under the blanket she stripped the nighty off and removed my t shirt. We were now darn naked beside our parents and fucking like dogs. They were deep in sleep as it was mid night and I fucked her in my favorite missionary position by taking full control in this position and fucked her hard and fast. she was holding her mouth right by biting me on my shoulder as u destroyed her pussy below. Her orgasm was spilling on my thighs and legs as I fucked because Soniya is very notorious for multiple orgasms as she is a sex hungry female. Luckily my parents didn’t wake up and we finished it quickly and kissed passionately and cuddled for sometime and then slept. When we woke up in the morning we realized that we both were darn naked and our parents were also just waking up from sleep. I waked up Soniya and pushed that nighty into her neck and I slipped into the blanket and got my boxers and t shirt. It was very close encounter and we both would have been killed if found out. It was so crazy wild sex we sometimes don’t care what happens around but it does matter. Then we went to the river for bath and it was crowded. Soniya asked our parents that she cannot take bath in front of the crowd so my poor parents asked me to accompany her upstream the river into the enclosed parts of the river bank where no one sees. But they don’t know what we both do when there is no one around so we went upstream and it was like a movie scene. Beautiful river with all the trees around and there was a spot on the bank covered with trees and water was flowing under the thickly covered bushes. We both held our hands and slipped into that region and stripped our clothes off and made love passionately now outdoors in natures arms. We both were washing each other and she was so beautiful and sexy being naked and drenched wet in the river and I was kissing Soniya’s boobs and ducking her like animal. I fucked her pussy and bent her over a rock and ripped her ass hole. There was no one around us so she was screaming in pleasure as now we both were free of all the factors which disturb us and wildly having pure sex and the. Suddenly my dad and mom rushed into the bushes and they screamed loudly! What the fuck was my expression. Soniya was crying and dressing up and my mom was slapping her and my dad was scolding and abusing me. It was all over and it was like a nightmare every second from that moment. My parents were heart broken and unstable after encountering the scene and it was tough to explain it to them so we both were just quiet and there words didn’t matter to us and didn’t feel an inch of guilt. Finally I applied for higher studies in USA and moved to New Jersey. It’s been 2 years and now recently Soniya got married to a wealthy man from New York and heard that she is going to arrive here next month. My parents don’t know that we are going to still get together and enjoy fantasies after she comes here. I am not writing Part 4 because I don’t ha
ve anything because I have to wait and until Soniya lands in USA where there is no one stopping us. If you read all 3 parts and liked it then please do comment and provide your inputs so that I will start writing our story and publish it.

incest/banging-elder-sister-soniya-part-3 Banging Soniya – Part 3

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