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Banging Soniya – Part 2 – New Desi Sex Story

This is continuation to the Banging Soniya Part 1After banging my sexy elder sister Soniya really hard inside the car and in the rest room she asked me to promise that it would be the last time we had sex and not to tell anyone about it and to forget about our sleazy sex affair completely. Like I said elder sister Soniya was a hot and sexy girl with lean figure, huge perky boobs and tight round ass who some what resembled Poonam Pandey but also she was very complicated with her extreme mood swings and crazy opinions. I was lucky that I took her virginity and destroyed her hymen layers inside her vagina and enjoyed extra sensual sexual pleasures that night but she now says that would be it and no more sex. We went back to our home that night, actually it was early in the morning and went into our respective rooms. As my mom and dad slept I wanted to sneak into Soniya’s room very badly to Fuck her again because I so much liked our first encounter but couldn’t dare as she warned me that it was only a one time affair and if I crossed the limit then she will not even allow us to be friends. So I was slowly stroking my dick and suddenly Soniya entered into my room. She was like quiet and careful in her light steps not to wake up our already tired parents who just went to sleep after a long ride. She had her finger on her mouth signaling not to talk or make noise. She was just wearing this silky pink night gown which was up to her mid thigh long and nothing else. In that dim light I was able to make out her silhouette and perky boobs with hard erect nipples poking out of her silky smooth gown. I was wearing a boxer and nothing else. She came and slipped into my blanket and sat on me as I lying on the bed. I was excited and asked her but you said it’s only once right? Then she closed my mouth with her fingers and in a strict tone said that I am your elder sister so we can do this only when I say it. Got it? I nodded saying yes. My dick was already erect and ready to fuck the shit out of her and she too said that after the last night fuck she couldn’t resist but approach me for another super fuck.We had like 4 hrs until our parents wake up as it was around 3 AM in the night so then we stripped down to naked and kissed passionately and this time comfortably on the bed without making any noise. Though our first fuck was most memorable fuck this second session was something special as in we now had lots of time and it was comfortable. We kissed and smooched with tongues inside each other for 10-20 minutes until both us were charged up and then she sucked my dick nicely first smoothly and then vigorously. I gagged her with my dick in her deep throat and she enjoyed it. Then we slipped into 69 position and as she was sucking my cock nicely and effectively as I was licking her pussy and ass hole. Her vaginal juices were the best dish in the world and I was running my face against her clean shaved pussy. We did this for 30 minutes and then I we both climaxed at the same time into each other’s mouths directly as our parents were having sound sleep. Then she sucked my dick for 10-15 minutes and it was hard again. Then I fucked her really hard against the wall, on the bed, on my lap and various other positions for one hour of course ejaculating loads of cum a couple of times into her vagina and mouth. The fact that our parents were sleeping right across the other room added to the effect and then she was completely exhausted and needed rest for at least couple of hours so she went to her bedroom and I found that my bedroom was filled with her oragasms and my sperm on the blanket and on the wall and every where. I was still active and smelling those stuff and slipped into sleep. Through out the fucking I was on cloud 9 as I was almost at a point that I never get a girl friend for fucking and only marriage is the solution for me to enjoy pleasures with a female but getting a hot and sexy sister into my bed was like a dream come true. We did have sex several times but only when she wanted and needed it badly but as the summer was over and she joined College to study medicine, things changed between me and my sister. This is not a fake story where every thing is a smooth ride once you get your hot elder sisters pussy. Things are complicated in the real world but luckily everything work out somehow or the other for me. May be I am a lucky bastard. So strangely as my sister crossed 18 and reached her 19th year my parents now started letting her loose like they buyed her clothes Which she liked, they brought her a mobile, they brought her a scooty and she was having a blast. Myself I was still under my parents strict regulations but my sister had fun and met new boys and chose a boyfriend. I cried the night when she disclosed this information to me because her new Boyfriend Sid fucked her nicely at his house. She didn’t need me anymore and again things went back to normal like I was hanging around with few close friends, worked out a lot in gym and started watching porn and imagined the summer sex sessions and masturbated. She used tell me how Sid fucked her and how much she enjoyed his fucking. It slowly came to a stage where I thought I would forget everything because as a girl she is doing what any normal girl of her age would do like find a boyfriend and get fucked badly. Though I forgot, whenever she discussed her sex sessions my spirits came up alive and when I asked her to give me a chance then she wrote me off casually saying “Raaj we are not kids anymore and I told you that our affair is just for time being”. She even warned me saying never ever ask her to bed and used same old logic that it’s its not correct and unethical. She found a boyfriend who fucked her and I didnt find a girlfriend. I was not that capable as I am completely occupied with Soniya. Then as I was ready to forget everything between us one day she comes me and tells me that now she got a new boyfriend Nithin. Who had as big dick as I have and she kept on saying how they fucked in a hotel room. I used to get terrific hard ons when she described her sex sessions and it was almost like one year that I laid my hands on my sister. She dosen’t even expose herself to me anymore as my parents are very well aware that she is 19 and I am 17 so rules changed and she covered herself at home and opened everything in front of her boyfriends and had sex twice as much she used to have with Sid. I said boyfriends because now she was fucking these two guys Sid and Nithin separately without their knowledge about the other guy. She loved it and it was a secret between both of us. Sid was rich and smart guy and Nithin was 6 and half foot tall body builder with huge dick as big as mine. So Sid fucked her at his home and Nithin fucked her at hotels and other strange places. But I observed that though she enjoyed different sexual pleasures from different guys she was emotionally destroyed during this phase because these guys kept on asking her more and more questions about her timings. She was splitting her time between these two guys so obviously they find that she is lying everytime to them at some point. Though they didn’t found out about her betrayal, they kept on asking her more questions and sometimes they called our home telephone to see she was available because she lied that she was at home. As these things happened she slowly disclosed those facts to me and was very much worried. Now she was taking my emotional support. Her position was She likes Sid and Nithin likes her. As she fucked both of them and have them sexual pleasures, they were not ready to leave her. Believe me guys once anyone fucked this bitch they will go crazy for her body because she so much loved fucking and sexually highly active female and on top of that she is a sizzling hot sexy beauty. That was the problem and as I guessed she didn’t back out when I told her to, because she was having fun sex sessions even during the worst phase and she was actually cooling them down with steamy and lengthy sex sessions. But according to the Moores law anything which can go wrong will g
o wrong. They both found out that Soniya is fucking both of them simultaneously with out each other’s knowledge since 3 months and there was huge fight like people calling us at home and abusing Soniya like saying Soniya is a Randi and she is a fucking bitch and so on. I didn’t know and even she didn’t know how they both found out. At least she didn’t tell me. Luckily my parents didn’t take it seriously but again imposed strict rules on her. Over night Soniya became a college slut and everybody came to know that she fucked two guys by betraying both fucking on their backs. This was not that uncommon as girls usually get tagged in this fashion in every college because there are sluts in every college like Soniya. So now Soniya had no other option but me her little brother raj to share her emotions, pain and …… Guess what SEX. I hit the jackpot second time and it was pure luck. I still remember clearly how our second phase of sexual season started. As the rules were now strict at home she didn’t get a chance to go out freely nor she had guts to find another boyfriend. Now again this is reality and I am an alpha male so I didn’t like to go to her begging for sex after her warning so I waited for her to come to me as I know she had no other choice. Within few weeks of sexless life there was a clear change in her behavior. She was now again exposing her assets around the house in front of me because even she was not ready to come to me directly to ask to fuck her and was waiting for me to make a move. I was resisting her temptations as she again started exposing in front of me showing cleavages and her thighs when parents were not around and so on. But trust me though she followed the same approach the impact was multiple times than the old days. She was now a complete grown up girl and her beauty grew exponentially as she is in college and groomed herself really nice with eyeliners and smooth straight silky hair and well designed eyebrows and proper physique just like a super model. She used all high class make up and fashionable clothes which now changed to shalwar kameez as her reputation has been spoiled but she wore those fashionable beauty exposing stuff in front of me. She wore high heels and tight leather pants and showed off her tight ass welcoming me to fuck and it was tough for me to control my urges as I was already waiting for her over an year. But she never uttered a word and it was like old days everything happening without any words being spoken. There were some sexy moments where we were physically close and we looked each other into the eyes to see who breaks the ice first. We spoke a lot but never asked each other and as I was waiting for opportunity my parents again helped us. This sounds crazy but they planned a short trip to a temple in near by village which was recently getting famous but not yet developed. Myself and Soniya never believed in God so I thought we both stay back and find a way to fuck by breaking the ego barrier between us but my parents forced us to go with them and we had to. It was an old temple with few 100 families visiting every morning as it is closed after dark. Most of the families are backward villagers who blindly follow stupid traditions and very far from civilization and technology. Very few from city visited the temple. There was huge line for darshan and the rule was men have to wear only a cotton towel and nothing else and shower before entering the temple and for women they just have to shower with clothes on and enter the temple. We first laughed at it because the water were very cold in the winter time and who would follow the stupid tradition. Our parents again forced us to do so once our parents showered I went and stood under the shower and ice cold water drenched me top to bottom and I was shivering from the spine in seconds. Looking at my shivering Soniya was reluctant in showering. There was huge que behind so people were pushing us aside and showering and entering the temple. My parents waited few seconds and asked me to make sure Soniya showers only then enter the temple. I slowly held Soniya on her waist and pushed her under the shower and she was drenched in ice cold water too and moved aside in seconds and she was saying that I’ll kill you and we laughed. She was wearing a thin cotton salwar kameez and as it was winter she wore a coat which we had to leave it in the car. As she was now drenched in water I could easily make out her shapes and sizes in that wet dress and I got a immediate hard on. Now my parents were already in the queue in of front us but there were couple of other villager families between them and us as we entered the temple which was getting darker and darker as we moved inside because the rule is there should be no lights inside the temple and only light was very far away deep into the temple on the top of the gods idol. It was scary but also crowded as we moved forward into the darkness and in that cold and crowd my dick was hard as hell and was was constantly hitting Soniya’s soft round ass and poking her. My dick made tent with the towel and was looking funny. She turned around and laughed and slowly told me that Raaj this is a temple and what are you doing? Then I had no option but to say “Soni you know you look sexy in this wet dress” Then she gave me this look which meant AGAIN !!!! and then smiled seductively. So that was the moment. Then she said in a sexy tone “don’t worry I’ll take care of it. Looks like the villagers in front of us don’t care what’s going on behind them and block our parents from seeing”. But, she asked. “What about people behind you what about them”. Then I turned and looked behind me and it was very old couple who barely had good vision with their thick eye glasses. I smiled and told her it’s perfect! And we laughed but the sunlight from main entrance was still exposing us so we had to walk at least few steps forward to enter pitch darkness and the queue was moving dead slow. Our parents were waving hands in between as they were like 40 feet away from us and the queue was a thin line like one behind another with thick railings on both the sides.So as we entered into the dark in the cold temple Soni acted as if she was tired and wanted sit down. Many villagers and old people were also sitting in the queue line so it was ok and as it was crowded and dark in that noise no one cared about the other. So she then acted as if she is sitting not on the ground but the last rod of the railing and now her face was directly in front of my hard dick. Without any delay I lifted my towel and pushed my dick into her mouth and wowww it was warm and her tongue was moving all over my dick head. She starting slowly sucking it and as it was dark and we being in between the public it was an adventure for both of us. This beautiful moment happened after and year of starving and jealousy for me so I knew what all I should be doing if ever the bitch gives me a chance and now she did inside the temple. I held her hair and gaged her deep throat as her saliva was dripping through my huge 8 inch dick. She was making slurp slurp noises and no one cared and I was massaging her neck and boobs after a long long time on top of her wet dress and she wasn’t wearing any bra as her breasts were tight and Perky so she didn’t need a bra for support She was holding my solid thighs as she brushed my dick on her teeth which I built working out at gym and she was looking into my eyes as she felt my strength as if asking me to fuck her with all my strength. I couldn’t see the faces of people behind me or in front of us but i was still able to see the bright glowing oily face of Soniya and her bright big black eye-lined eyes. Then after 10 minutes I released a huge load of cum directly into mouth and she licked my dick clean and stood up. We looking into each other’s eyes and I knew automatically that she was horny as well. She took her first step and it’s now my turn. She didn’t utter a word but that is the beauty of the understanding between brother and sisters. Then I sat down on the floor and without any speech
she slowly dropped her shalwar down and also panties down up to her thighs which were still covered by her kameez. She was wet and shivering when I touched her soft thighs and kissed them. The queue line was moving very slowly and we were also stepping forward as the line moves but it was pitch dark now though the time was 7AM in the morning. Then I kneeled down as now no one cares because it was complete darkness and pushed my face into her vagina and licked it nicely while my nose was sniffing the sexy scent from her pussy. I was waiting for this dish over an year. She was holding the railing for grip with right hand and pushed my face into her crotch with left hand by pushing her hips into my face. I was licking vigorously forgetting about the circumstances around us. We just didn’t care. She leaked her orgasms into my mouth and some of it was dripping onto her thighs and I licked it off. Then I stood up as if nothing happened and looks like we had a lot of time left and we both knew that a lot more can be done in that time and the given circumstances. We can’t even get out of the queue line as we are now half way inside the dark temple tunnel. I didn’t want to ask but then she asked me to sit down as every one was now sitting. Someone was shouting that someone near the God idol was doing some lengthy pooja so I would take a lot of time so we can sit. She was standing in front of me and looking back deep into my eyes as we were sitting. I asked her to sit in my lap and now my hard was in between her thighs. We were still wet and cold so I pulled her shalwar and panties down to her knees and made her sit on my lap as anyways I was naked and just a thin piece of cotton towel was on me. She was now sitting on my lap her soft thighs touching my thighs and her wet pussy dribbling over my hard dick and she was shivering in pleasure imagining what is going to happen going forward. Even if there was light no one would doubt us as she was sitting on my lap and her lower and my lower region was completely covered with her long kameez. But inside the kameez my dick was entering into her vagina as she was holding the rods of the railing on both the sides as grip and lift her self up. As she was trying to push herself onto my dick to fuck and I stopped her. She was like getting hornier and more hornier and when I stopped she turned and looked at me. I nodded my head side ways signaling sarcastically that I will not do it to tease her. Then she was like ok I understand you are teasing me and I know what you like me to do. I still remember our summer sex sessions an year ago. Then she started moaning in my ears saying “Raaj please fuck me Raaj. Please fuck me. I want it really badly and I need it just rip your sisters pussy. Just do it Raaj”. Then I closed her mouth with my hand and told her that I don’t want her to say all that bullshit but I asked her to promise me that she will be my personal bitch. A whore forever and I will fuck her anytime I want and not only when she wants. I was pulling her head backwards in almost kind of a wild anger holding her hair and she liked it too. She then completely surrendered herself to me and told me that she is my bitch and she will be my slave for the lifetime and once she agreed, in a single stoke I inserted my huge dick completely into her vagina and she moaned aaaahoouchh loudly in pleasure and I started giving strokes by lifting her up and down with my thighs and she was also riding with her grip on the railing. I was hitting the rock bottom end of vagina. My dick was huge and the position facilitated the complete penetration where I can’t go any deep and she was also hitting her ass on my dick as if to try to go more deep and deeper. As I was fucking her I realized that her vagina was now so loose that It took my huge dick easily without any effort. Because I compare this with the first time when I was tearing layer by layer to enter her tight pussy which was an awesome experience but now it was loose and so easy to slide in and out. We were fucking in the dark temple and the adventure was exciting us. My dick was straight and hard like a tower with thick veins flowing and not at all ready to spit or give up. Part of the reason being Soniya cunt being loose due to the extreme sex sessions she participated in and also it was already wet with water and her pre cum and I didn’t feel enough pressure or friction to climax. We were fucking for at least 20 mins and nothing happened for me and she did orgasmed couple of times as I was hitting the right spots and her own weight was the force she hits were ever she wants and adjusts herself accordingly so it was easy for her to climax multiple times in short time and now she was forcefully throwing herself onto my dick which was pleasure but as she did it couple of times my dick came out of her vagina as she lifted her ass too much and then I stuck it in spontaneously and in those moments sudden my dick got plugged into her anus and my dick head almost went inside of her anus effortlessly. She moaned like ouuch and I asked her was she fucked in her ass before and she slowly whispered that Nithin ripped her ass hole and they did lot of ass fucking so it’s wide enough to be fucked I was jealous as fuck and wanted to rip her anus again. But she pleaded not to do it here and asked me to go ahead with pussy fucking. I was so much excited with her new information that I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass which was also my life time ambition and like our first fuck inside the car I promised her it would be a memorable experience for both of us. But she asked me How do we get the lubricant because without lubricant her anus cannot take my huge dick. So as we were wondering and kissing each other in the darkness while everyone around was praying and chanting mantras and singing songs clapping and all kind of noise. I found that towards the left of the railing was the temple wall and it had oil lamps placed in an order but not lighted. I told her that we got the lube and dipped my hands in the oil lamp and rubbed the oil onto my dick and It was shining and also massaged her ass hole with my oily fingers. As I was inserting my fingers inside out of anus to activate it and to make an easy entry she was sweetly requesting me not to fuck her ass because she was worried of the size of my shaft but I was in no way for mercy and asked her how come she agreed to Nithin for ass fuck and I kept on making my moves on her ass and I could now smell her anus in the air. This might sound disgusting but trust me when you are into real sex and wild sex these little things and smells make you more hornier and I was getting hornier she was also looking at me like are you going to really fuck my ass Brother? And as I was slowly trying to push my dick into her anus she was also sitting on her legs like we sit on a short stool or something and tried to slowly push it inside while still looking into my eyes by turning her head. Her left hand was over my shoulder so she was like half turned from the waist but her ass was in intact position and trying to take my dick in to it. I was stroking slowly and lifting my thighs to enable smooth motion and slowly but steadily my dick completely got inside her anus and now she was moaning loudly and I started fucked her ass. There is very wrong fact among the people that anal sex is dangerous and very risky and should not be attempted. But trust me guys, check your facts again and do your research. It’s not that tough after all and one you are into it, it’s just the same and more wild and pleasurable experience. The smells of sperm orgasm and her anus filled the air around us but only we knew what it was and no one cared about Soniya moaning as her moans mixed well into the mantras and chantings around us. She had pleasure tears flowing down her eyes as I ripped her ass hole. My dick was completely plugged in and man it was very warm and tight ass I was riding. I had to apply pressure to push it in and I was also squeezing her boobs and kissing and smoothing her while we were fucking. She put on some body weight since we last f
ucked and her boobs grew much more round and bulgy and her ass grew in size but her thighs were more stronger and she was more flexible overall may be because of heavy fucking and regular exercise and even I was stronger like I now had perfect solid chest and good biceps and strong thighs so it was a perfect combination of an male and a female fucking in the dark inside a temple. Though her ass was super tight and my huge dick was completely getting into her ass hole hitting the end of the anus by which I understood that she was already an expert in ass fucking. She was moaning loudly as I was close to cum after 10 minutes of ass fucking and as I was about to cum everyone started to get up to move forward in the queue line and luckily I stood up and asked Soniya to kneel and bang I exploded huge loads of cum on Soniya’s face before even she could take my dick inside her mouth. Though there was a delay in the timing it was a memorable splash on her face. We both stood up and she was trying to clean her face but the loads were all over her forehead, cheeks, nose, hair and neck. As we moved forward and the queue line was now moving faster we were cleaning up like I was removing the sperm from her face with my fingers and insert it into her mouth which she sucked and so on. By the time she was clean we reached the gods idol and now we both were dry and sticky with the orgasms and also thirsty so we drank that syrup which they give at temple as theertham and after that we were pushed out of the temple through back door then we met our parents. As our parents were talking to each other we were Looking at each other like it’s going to be only pure fucking between us going forward and we were smelling each Others orgasm on our bodies and fingers which was a lovely gesture and she was shy when I was licking my fingers which smelled like her vagina and anus. I wished that nothing would stop us from now onwards from fucking each other but life is not that easy and we never know what’s upto at ever turn we take. Please read Banging Soniya Part 3 to know how we took our sexual fantasies to next level and how our parents found out about our affair.

incest/elder-sister-banging-soniya-part-2 Banging Soniya – Part 2

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