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Banging Soniya – Part 1 – New Desi Sex Story

This is Raj and currently live in US but this story goes back to when We were living in Pune and unlike other stories this story is a legitimate real story which you will know once you finish reading. My parents are hard working govt employees and are very strict in upbringing. Me and my Elder sister Soniya hated our parents right from childhood as they never provided what we need and always forced us on studies and nothing else.We never had respect for our family and we never had this brother sister feeling as we always fought for something or the other and abused each other a lot. As we were growing up into late teenage my sister Soniya’s beauty was growing exponentially and her sexuality was spread all around her like wifi. She was hot and somewhat resembled current sex symbol in India Poonam Pandey. Don’t think I am exaggerating but I had to give that reference to make you understand how hot she was. Myself I was average looking well built strong Guy since my childhood. I was constantly trying to woo some girl in school and it never worked out for me and I couldn’t dare to hunt for girls in my neighborhood so porn and masturbation was my resort. First I used to doubt my attraction towards Soniya who was 2 yrs elder considering it was just a male attracting towards a female but Soniya was a terrific hot chick that every man wants to fuck. She was lean and athletic but had huge bulgy boobs which used Pop out like ripe mangoes from her tight t shirts and tops which she liked to wear to show off her assets. She exercised regularly to maintain her beauty and had lean waist and also developed toned legs and perfectly round ass and as I was every time around her like animal sniffing female counterpart’s hormones my control power was weakening gradually and I was always confused how to overcome this attraction. On top of my confusion my elder sister Soniya was extremely complicated women and had extreme mood swings so it was tough for me to judge her personality. Only things I know was she was a hot and sexy girl and liked to expose her beauty. Inside the bedroom during our personal time when our parents were not around she used to be very carefree and exposed cleavages and nipples pokies while she wasn’t wearing bra inside the tight tops in front of me. We used discuss all kinds of topics including sex and double meaning jokes. I used to lust for my sister secretly but not sure if it was right or wrong but Soniya’s behavior made me forget all the ethics. She never considered me as her younger brother and never tried to hide her beauty like everyone in Indian families. She knew it was wrong so she was alert in front of my parents and never misbehaved but when they were not present she used to explode and display her assets And completely ignore my presence and she had fun doing that. She used wrap around the towel and come out of her bathroom and have casual discussions with me without dressing up. She used adjust her towel as it loosened as we spoke and she used to enjoy with sarcastic smiles as I was trying to look away in those moments of embarrassment but had few glimpses of her beauty and I cannot imagine how many times I had to resist my erections but that’s what she liked. These were the times when Internet was just booming and only rich had access to mobile phones. I started reading incest stories and even she was aware of brother sister sex relationships but knowing that we are sexually becoming active, if she was a good girl she wouldn’t do this exhibitionism. This made me think that she dosent give a fuck about family value system And I lost all the sisterly respect towards her and made her the whore of my dreams and I strongly made up my mind that I’ll fuck her some day. I started enjoying her beauty indirectly and masturbated regularly smelling her panties and imagining fucking her. Initially whenever we were physically close we had a kind of odd feeling, like when we sit beside each other very closely on couch to watch TV and when we quarreled on little issues like remote or something we used to hold each other and mistakingly touch private parts which again became more common. I sensed that even she enjoyed all this because given the circumstances like our parents not allowing her to talk to boys she had to quench her sex thirst somehow. One day I was not giving her remote and she was banging me with a soft pillow. I was sitting on the couch she was hitting me. Remote was in my hand and she jumped on my lap with her knees on the couch and her ass in my lap directly facing me. She was laughing and was in a very light mood asking me to give remote by pulling my hair and head and tried to reach the remote in my hand which I folded towards my back. During this process she was pushing her boobs into my face directly and she was only wearing a loose tshirt and nothing else. I felt her smooth and soft boobs and her hard nipples in my mouth. She left those assets on my face for at least 2 minutes and still was slowly acting as if she is trying to reach the remote. I didn’t know if I was wrong or her but I was feeling her boobs and hard nipples with my lips and she allowed me to freely rub my face on her boobs and it was like heaven. But I was also scared if she slapped me or something but suddenly my parents were opening the door and she adjusted herself and got down immediately and acted normal as if nothing happened. By this I knew she likes to be touched by me though I am her brother but I didn’t know how to ask her or when to make a move and I masturbated repeatedly during that phase. But slowly we were becoming more and more physically close and comfortable touching with each other without any words being spoken. I cannot explain that feeling but I guess it was due to the repressive society we live in and a male and an female need their sexual urges to be satisfied at any cost. She was also enjoying all these moments like the touch of a man and my constant attraction towards her which she is very well aware of. I Started staring at her boobs and ass boldly and directly and she used to comment seductively saying “Raj will you please stop looking at me like that. I am your sister for God sake”. Now if she really meant it she would have slapped me then and there. But she being totally ok with all that stuff helped me a lot but it was actually our parents who helped me to make my move. I remember the day when it happened and it was when our family visited Gulbarga to meet our relatives and they gave us lot of goods which needed to be transported to Pune which my dad accepted to put them in our car. So while driving back home in our small car we were loaded with goods on the right side of the back seat. My dad was driving and my mom was sitting in the front passenger seat. So me and my sister Soniya’s had only one seat to share so my parents decided she sits on my lap on the back side left passenger seat that is behind the driving seat. Now I don’t know what made my parents think that a 18 yrs girl could sit on a 16 yr old guys lap for 6 hours without any sexual feelings being generated. Anyways it was their decision and me and Soniya never planned for it. We were actually in a phase where it was odd and confusing for us touching each other. And my parents forced us like it was all normal. We were sitting behind my dad and as it was 8 PM in the night so my mom slept of within few mins and it was a 6 hr Drive. My dad was listening to some old khawali songs on radio and me and Soniya’s were in really awkward position. First Soniya was actually just leaning and balancing her weight over my thighs by holding the front seat so that I didn’t feel any weight and also my parents were right in front of us. Then she told me Hey raj I am going to relax a little bit is it ok. I said ok but actually watching my sister Soniya up close and smelling her hair gave me a rock solid hard on. I was so much nervous and suddenly her ass was now nicely resting over my lap and my huge erect dick was nicely sliding through her butt crack. I had my fingers crossed. It was a summer night and she
wore a sleeveless and a long skirt and I was wearing my shorts and t shirt. Banging Sister As the ride was going on my dick was poking her butt crack and hitting her vagina lips whenever we hit a bump as most of the road was under construction. As she felt the huge bulge in my shorts with her round ass and she turned her head towards me and slightly moved her hair with her fingers behind her ear and smiled and said “i didn’t know that you were hiding such a big tool in your shorts all these days”. I was like what the fuck and decided that I would not let this opportunity go in vain and with the bumpy ride I had no option but also hold Soniya on her waist for grip. So I was holding her love handles at the waist and pulling her towards me slowly. She was also enjoying this stuff so much that she was adjusting herself and also feeling the size of my huge dick with her thighs and vagina and ass. I knew she was nervous as she was sweating and I could smell the sweat mixed with her body spray coming from her armpits and also the sweat drops on her neck. Man it was so tempting that I wanted to fuck her right there. I knew it was also similar feeling for Soniya as her breath increased while she rode my dick. Imagine being sexually starved and then you get a sexy hot figure in your lap who is grinding your dick and what else would you think. I was totally blind and she was also sliding her buttocks up and down in fast motion and I was about to cum. Then I told her “Hey Soni lets take it slowly I am going to cum and it will be wet please understand”. Then she laughed and whispered to me “you lucky bastard you got a sexy sister who is grinding you. Just shut up and enjoy”. And as she increased her motion i reached climax and ejaculated load of cum in my shorts and I was happy as well as angry but now since this happened I thought it would also be easily possible to have a good fuck session in this journey because I was totally lost in paradise at this time and needed to fuck her any how. We stopped for dinner at a dhaba. My dad drank couple of beers and we ate. Then I had a chance to first time to talk to my sister Soniya about this sleazy things between us. Before I could utter a word she took charge as being an elder person and said “Hey raj you are going to forget everything. I am your sister and we should not be doing this. It’s wrong”. She was also little embarrassed and felt that she forced me into this but then I said “I liked it Soni. We should be doing this and a lot more” She was like stunned and said “are you crazy Raaj I know I misbehave and all but NO I don’t know what I was thinking” This was her typical girls attitude where she likes what she was doing but scared or confused just like myself. Then I told her “Soni my huge tool is all yours and imagine what I can do to you with my tool. I have been waiting for this moment since I am aware of this world and I know you like it too and don’t lie to me. Our parents are never going to encourage our outside relations and i can’t wait until marriage. Let’s have fun Soni. Trust me”. She was like mad now and argued with me saying you should not talk like that and this and blah blah blah. And I was convincing her as I had that freedom with her because she knows what kind of cheap slutty stunts she performed all these years in front of me. She had it coming and I am sure she was mentally prepared for such a day and also was waiting for such a day for sure. So as we were still arguing In few minutes we started our journey again. Now she was sitting more comfortably on me and my mom was deep in sleep and my dad was paying extra attention to driving as he was drunk and listening loud remix songs on the radio. Now behind him was a different story, as my elder sister Soniya was begging me not do it here But I was kissing licking her neck like an animal. I slowly moved my hands under her top and on to her beautiful soft boobs from behind imagining how I enjoyed them watching all these years growing in size and her nipples were now hard and she was being seduced. She was not wearing a bra. She was first stopped me holding my hands and whispering in ears seductively “pleeeaaassseee Raaaaj. Pleeeaaassseee” and so on which added to the effect. If she really was a good girl and I forced her she would have slapped me and complained to my parents but she was like slowly coming into my control And after sometime Soniya understood the thrill in being such a situation and doing all this. I told her in the ear that it will be fun and memorable experience. Then she leaned into my chest and slowly turned her head and asked me to promise that this is the first and last time we will do this and when I promised she slowly kissed my lips and then we smooched passionately for the first time with our parents in front of us. She was relieved of her sexual urges and gave up all resistance and it was like a dream come true for both of us in the night sitting behind parents and enjoying the intimacy. My huge dick was rock hard and poking her ass and I slowly lifted her skirt and pulled her panty down to her feet and also pulled my short down to my knees. She was covered until her thighs on top but her soft ass and soft thighs below were now feeling the manly hair on my thighs and crotch. The rubbing gave me utmost pleasure and now my dick was erect between her thighs which she gripped tightly between her soft thighs. My left hand was under her sleeveless top grabbing and squeezing the boobs and twisting and pinching her nipples and My right hand was under her skirt and playing with her clit and pussy lips. As she was kissing me, her right hand was holding the seat in front of her and her left hand was playing with my huge dick. We were breathing heavily as the remix songs played in full volume and the goods covered us from our moms vision from the right side and my dad focused on road and streets lights in the road passing by as we see them from our left window.More than inserting my dick into her vagina I was desperate to taste her pussy and suck on those beautiful boobs and nipples. I tried to bend and grab her left boobie by putting my head under her left hand and sucked it hard and bit it softly and she was moaning in very low voice but kept her eyes open. What a lovely feeling it was I cannot describe. We were not even half way down our journey and it was time for grand finale. I came to know when I was digging her hole with my right hand deep and deeper that it was too tight and she is a virgin but it was already wet enough so I passed her a hand kerchief to hold on with her mouth not to shout and she agreed and I licked her juices of my hand which I regretted because I wanted to taste it directly from her pussy. Then I lifted her a little bit holding her round soft buttocks as she was balancing in those final moments on her legs and tired to push my dick into her vagina and only my dick head went inside but the full dick was not going that easily so I asked her to ride up and down slowly holding the seat in front of her with both hands and I was holding the dick with my left hand and positioning her ass with my right. Luckily we again hit a very bumpy dirty road and it was easy for her to ride up and down and my dick and after couple of minutes when my dick was half inside our car passed through a big pot hole on the road and With all her height she just fell down into my lap and baaam it went full inside now but Soniya lost control and shouted ouuuucccchh. My heart stopped for a while and my dad asked what happened? He was trying to turn head and look but couldn’t as we were sitting directly behind. Soniya with my huge erect dick still inside her vagina covered the mistake saying her head hit the car roof so she shouted. Then my dad asked what’s Raj doing and she lied that I was sleeping and immediately acted sleeping. ROFL. Then everything was normal outside but not inside Soniya’s pussy as it was now very first time hosting a huge dick of her brother Raj. Then the bumpy road was still a long way and slowly I was positioning Soniya as she rode my dick smoothly and
tightly. She was feeling the pain and pleasure and thrill at the same time. She held my head with her left hand and whispered in my ears ” this will be the first and best fuck of my life”. Then I said ” I told you so”. Then we kissed passionately as she was riding my dick. Since I cummed just before I was no way ready to ejaculate and Soniya already climaxed twice. Her juices were dripping down on my dick to my balls which I felt with my fingers and tasted it as the ride went on. Even she tasted some of it and we kissed with our juices in our mouths. It went on for 20 minutes and my dad said he will take a break at a nearby dhaba so I had to finish fast. Luckily the road was even more bumpier than earlier so I asked to balance herself in the air so I could destroy her virgin pussy but she said no and wanted to go smooth but I didn’t accept so she balanced in mid air putting weight on her legs and front seat so I had some gap to give shots and thrusts. I fucked her vigorously as she balanced herself and was moaning at the same time. Soniya was holding her lips tight as her vaginal layers were being destroyed by my huge shaft brutally and also I was gripping on her boobs with both of my hands and with my weight on my legs I kept on fucking for 2-3 minutes and baaaaaangg!!!! I ejaculated huge loads of cum into her vagina. She was in heaven by this time and her eyes were dreamy and she smooched me tightly one last time before we stopped. Then I pulled my shorts up and as she tried to pull her panties up I stopped her and took the panties and put it in my pocket. She asked why and I said its my first trophy! She smiled and we stopped at a dhaba. My dad said he wanted to take shit and asked me to stay with my mom until he and Soniya comes back as she wanted to take a leak too. My mom was sleeping and they both went to rest room beside the dhaba which had separate bathrooms for men and women. I got an idea and as my dad went inside men’s and my sister went into women’s i ran to women’s restroom as I was confident that no women was using the restroom at that time in the night. Soniya was surprised and asked why are you here? I told her that I was not satisfied and told her we have very less time. She too naughtily agreed that it was not that comfortable inside the car so we went into the one of the fully enclosed bathrooms. Looking at Soniya standing to the wall lifting her skirt slowly to expose her swollen and clean shaved pussy with a cunning smile on her face gave me an immediate hard on once again. I kneeled down in front of her like a worshiper in front of a goddess and licked the dripping juices from her pussy lips to the thighs. She was holding my head and scribbling my hair as I entered into her vagina with my tongue and chewed the pussy lips by rubbing her clit with my hands. She lifted her right leg and placed it over my left shoulder to facilitate easy access for my head to bury deep into her private area and I was vigorously licking her pussy like a dog which made heavy noise. She was moaning loudly and uttering my name in pleasure saying ” Raaaj Raaaaaj don’t stop. Please don’t stop eat your sisters pussy darling. It’s all yours my little brother” This was the moment I was waiting and I didn’t waste a second and licked and sucked her swollen pussy dry and as I looked her under beauty in the bathroom lighting those pink shaved pussy lips and the clit was glittering like diamonds and within 3 minutes I made her cum again with my oral skill and shared her juices with her to lick it all. Then we had very few minutes left but I didn’t want to waste time as my dick was rock solid again and I stripped down to nothing and also stripped everything off her now we were completely naked and I lifted my shaft and showed it to her then she was like wowwww and now she kneeled down like a slave and started sucking my dick. That was a once in a life time feeling and I was closing my eyes and shouting as she sucked it hard. The feeling of enjoying ecstasies between siblings is something else and out of the world experience. She was sucking my dick so vigorously and I forced her to look into my eyes as I she sucked because I was imagining this scenario since ages and now it happened. I was hitting her cheeks and face in between with my huge dick and she enjoyed it a lot. Then intermediately I closed the lid of the lavatory and sat on it and she jumped into my lap this time facing me. Man now dick was so easily buried inside her pussy that within moments she was riding again. This time I was digging deeper and deeper and she was moaning loudly as no one can hear us. She was also positioning her ass so that my penis hit the right spots inside her vagina and I was sucking on those beautiful boobs and chewing the nipples which were hard and erect and simultaneously destroyed her pussy with strong strokes. Then after couple of minutes I got cramps in the thighs as I was sitting all the time and also I was getting more and more hornier to go more wild so I asked her to get up and bend over the lavatory so I can take her from behind. She did and wow her bottom from behind was like an apple cut in half with shining pink color ass hole and thick swollen pussy lips busting out of those round thick soft buns. I just pushed my face into her ass and licked her anus and she was giggling and also I was inserting my fingers inside out of her pussy. Then I stood up and held my shaft and pushed it inside in a single stroke into her vagina and now I was bending her holding her neck with the right hand and holding her waist with the left hand and fucking her very hard in doggy style. This time I was completely active and by putting all my weight on my thighs I was pounding Soniya vagina ruthlessly. Soniya was also horny and she was just moaning and shouting non sense like “aaaah aaaahhh aaaahhhhhhh raaaaj. God why didn’t I know that my little brother is a such good fucker. I wasted countless nights masturbating when this little brother was just sleeping next room” and so on in a rhythmic pattern. We both were quenching our thirst for sex at a same time and deep in pleasure. I also emotionally told her as I was fucking her “Soniyaaaaaa. I was lusting for you ever since and you didn’t know it. I was smelling your panties and masturbate imagining fucking you. Now it came true my sexy sister. What a figure are you and I will be thankful to you for giving me this opportunity to fuck you”. Saying that I increased my speed and force. The scene was so beautiful in the mirror of restroom as Soniya was showing off her nakhras by swaying her and turning her head and looking at me with those big beautiful eyes lined with black thick Karol and kept on saying take me, fuck me and chodo aur Zor se. She was offering her complete self to me. Then this time I didn’t go long so as I was cumming I asked her kneel again and suck it, and she was sucking within seconds i ejaculated whole load of cum onto her mouth and face and it spilled all over her face hair and tits. She licked it all good and cleaned my dick. Then she hugged me tightly as our bare bodies sticked to each other she told me that this is last time and we will never ever do it again because it’s wrong. We both don’t care that much about family system that’s why we broke those barriers and wanted to taste each other. And we did had a memorable sex. And it doesn’t mean we should be doing it every time because it’s just not right to do. I was like stunned at the intensity she said and she being an elder person out of both of us, I respected her and agreed that this will be the last time. But somewhere deep in my heart I knew this is not going to stop any time soon. We immediately dressed up and I asked her to fresh up and come back to car. As I went to my car my mom woke up and my dad didn’t come yet. But as I entered the car I could smell the mixture of sperm and Soniya’s orgasm richly filled inside the car. My mom was like what is this smell Raaj and I covered it saying that I spilled some buttermilk on my short. She was half sleep so she didn’t mind. Then after my
dad and Soniya came back my mom now went to ladies toilet and after she came back she again said oh my god is it something wrong with my nose, the whole toilet is filled with the same smell that’s in the car. I told Soniya about moms question earlier so once my mom said that we both were giggling and laughing at the back seat. But I made sure I dropped windows down to air fill in and luckily there was no smell and no more questions. Our journey started back and we both were now tired and slept hugging each other like lovers in the back seat to our home. Please read Banging Soniya Part 2 to know what happened next and how Soniya moved from her brother to her New boyfriend.

incest/banging-elder-sister-soniya-part-1 Banging Soniya – Part 1

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