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Banged A Random Girl I Met – The Stranger Sex – Desi XXX Story

Hi, guys, This is my hot stranger sex I had a few years ago. I’m open to discussion on all kinds of requests (I’m straight), you can get in touch with me at dracostark29 HotSexyStory.com . Also, independent free thinking ladies/women, if you are reading this, please do. I’d be more than happy to know you. I currently live in Bangalore, age 25, and I love traveling & of course sex too. Arpita and I had so many days of soft core fun after at parks and theatres in Bangalore. And one fine day, I banged her while I went to her place one night. But that was a remarkable day in my life when I felt like I have finally mastered the art of getting laid at least once now. That’s how it went. Then she later moved to a different company. After that, we hardly got in touch. This story is basically how I met a random stranger girl in Delhi airport and then banged her on our 3rd meeting. It was again a remarkable day in my life. This happened in 2015 march. I went to Delhi for a client meeting and after the meeting, I was asked to go to Chennai for another meeting. It was an early morning flight and it was cold out near Delhi airport when I arrived there at 3 a.M. I saw this messy girl getting out of a cab and struggling on taking the change to pay and the luggage to move. At last, she settled on it and put over a rucksack she had. Then, she went to the entrance. I followed and I was standing behind her. She again messed up and was looking for her original proof to show to the commando standing there. I dodged in and showed mine and I entered inside. Then I missed her and went into airliner’s queue, after a while, she was right there standing behind me in the queue. I only now observed her fully. She was a bomb but messy. She was the right size a girl should be in. I was like I should talk to her at any cost and I was waiting for a chance. The queue that was standing still for like 5 minutes, started to move now. That was the chance and as the queue moved, she was struggling in moving the rucksack. So, I invited myself to her help and she seemed thankful. That’s how we started to talk and we talked like all through the queue. Then, I took her for a walk and we reached my departure gate. So, we had to depart and I gave her my card. I asked her to get in touch if any help needed. She got it and kept in her purse and she walked towards her gate. She was on her way to Bangalore. Then I went to Chennai and again I was called back to Delhi in 2 days. I was back there and I totally forgot about her by now. Exactly after a week, I got a call from an unknown number. Then, I heard a lady voice saying that I’m not in WhatsApp. I was like, ‘who is this’, and then she told that she is Dhivya and we met at the airport recently. Only then, I remembered her and we started to talk. It was a Wednesday and I was there in Delhi for at least another month. So I thought she could be a good company. We then met on Saturday evening near her place and we left to city walk mall. We talked for hours while having our dinner and coffee. She kept watching Dhoni bat on the tv in that stall. I used this time to know her. So, I asked her if we could go on and drink together at Hauz Khas the next day. Then, I dropped her in place late night in a cab. I expected that she would invite me to her flat. But she said directly to my face that she won’t invite me. So, I felt worried and left back home. The next day, Sunday evening, I came to her place and picked her up. I was amazed to see her all dressed up well for the night. We started and reached to Hauz Khas and started to drink and talk. We both got drunk and we started dancing and then she wanted to have hookah. Then, we started hookah and we then realized that we both have been cuddling each other for a while. Then the pub closed at 1 A.M. We then left in an auto to drop her in her place as I didn’t get a cab. We got down near her place and she was so drunk. So was I. She started playing in the auto. It was fun though. So, after we reaching her place, we relaxed a bit and we started to talk. She called me to sit near her on the bed. It was a 1rk flat, packed and messy. We started to talk and cuddle again and I slowly started kissing her on her neck and ears. She responded well to it and then I started to fondle her boobs. That was an awesome feeling. Only then, I came to know that she was 29 years old. Something I couldn’t believe at all as she looked so young and energetic. And I was just 23. She had nice firm boobs, rightly sized to fit her body. I slowly started undressing her and she totally cooperating for the same. I removed the short shrug she had been wearing and slowly the yellow tops. Then, I started sucking her boobs. Her nipples were hard and big. This went on for a few seconds and she put her hands on my dick and started to caress it. I was hard already while this act of hers made me super hard. So, I decided to fuck her hard that very moment. I started to undress and meanwhile, I started to finger fuck her by putting my hands into her undies. And in next few seconds, I made her totally naked and I started to finger fuck her in full swing. She suddenly stopped me and said, “Fuck me”. The truth is, I was actually waiting for her to say this. As I went into the missionary position, she guided me into her. I started to thrust my dick into her slowly. I then halted for a break and put my mouth into her mouth. She didn’t say no. She just took it and started to blow it as fast as she could. I used it and started to mouth fuck her deep in the throat. Then again, I started to fuck her. A couple of blowjobs continued the breaks. That night alone I rammed her 5 times, and it was crazy fuck session. We talked, had sex, tried so many positions. She felt so fucked up and tired after our night. Early morning and I was like getting ready for the 6th round. She felt totally tired and wanted to sleep. So we had to postpone our sessions. Then we had fun for a few weeks after that. I will write a story on that soon. Actually, I will be writing more of my real-life incidents. So, more stories to come. Thanks for the read guys!!  

couple/banged-random-girl-met-stranger-sex Banged A Random Girl I Met – The Stranger Sex

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