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Anything To Make Her Blush – English Sex Story

Hey! This is mr. Awesome (of course, name change :p) living currently in chennai (this is true though) and I’d like to present you horny readers a product of my wettest imaginations- a pure masterpiece. Enjoy!

My girlfriend looks the hottest when she blushes and I went out of my way one day to get that reaction out of her- for an entire day.

She, a rich indian tan with razor-cut raven hair and a slim figure of 5’1 stayed in a shared apartment with her college friend. One day, I got a call from her. She had some doubts regarding a particular subject and wanted me to come over. It was 9.30 in the morning. I went to her apartment assuming her friend would be there too. But as luck would have it, she was out with her old school buddies and wouldn’t return anytime soon. The purity of my thoughts got tainted with dirty scenarios upon realizing that I was alone with my girlfriend… in her apartment. She offered me coffee and went to close the front door. I looked at her. She was in her caramel night pajamas and white tee that barely covered her hip. So when she stretched her body to try and push the top bolt, I got a glimpse of her slim waist.

She turned around, smiled innocently and said she’d bring the books from her bedroom. “how could someone be so sexy and innocent at the same time?” I thought. Should I? Should I? Should I? This was a rare opportunity. Until then, the romance in our relationship meant kisses on the cheek and lip kisses on rare or special occasions. The lip kisses too didn’t last very long. We sexted a lot, but come on! Sexting? Seriously? When one has a girlfriend, one has to have his girlfriend. Not digitally, but physically. She was really shy. She blushed every time I planted kisses. She blushed every time I mentioned about the sexting when in person. The hottest thing about the blush was that it was her most beautiful reaction. Something that makes me want to do things to her just so I could keep that reaction on her face. This was the rare opportunity to make it a reality.

I got up from the sofa and tiptoed into her bedroom. She was busy searching for something inside her bag, standing, bent down and displaying her cute round ass. I could see the trace of her inner wear inside her pajamas. Triggered. I went to her and grabbed her right bun. It was so soft even without direct contact. She gave out a cry and turned towards me. Her face was red already. This made me even hornier. Before she could react, I pulled and lip locked her. I grabbed her face and pressed my lips really hard against hers. Her hands fisted my chest, pinched my arms and tried to pull away. She reacted vigorously for a minute. I made sure our lips didn’t part no matter what she did. After a few minutes, her hands came down as if it had been completely drained of energy. I slipped my tongue inside her lips and started exploring her mouth, stimulating her tongue as much as I could. Finally, she started to respond. We were involved in a deep french kiss for the next five minutes. I didn’t remove my hands from her face throughout the kiss. I wanted to be completely sure. This was a rare opportunity and I didn’t want to give her any time for second thoughts. I removed my lips from hers and looked her in the eyes. She was lost in a trance.

‘iniku nee edhuvum padika poradhu illa, aisha. Na dhan unna muzhusa padika poren’ (‘you are not going to study anything today, aisha. I’m the one who is going to study you completely’)

Upon hearing it, her face flushed like a ripe cherry. Even under her tan skin, the red was clearly visible.

‘krish, venda..’ (‘krish.. No’) she began and I caught her hip and buried my face in between her face and her breasts, slowly pecking kisses all over her neck. She tried to push me, but the lip lock had completely drained her out of energy. I kissed and moved towards the shoulders, first her right and then her left and then below her neck till just above her t-shirt. She had started giving out little ‘aah’s not as sounds, but as gasps of breath. I knew she was being driven crazy, but the point was to make her blush more and more.

‘idha pannaradhuku dhane enna thaniya irukum bothu koopta… othuko aisha’ (‘you called me for this, right? You wanted me to do this. Right, aisha? Accept it’)

‘krish please vidu… ennoda friend ippo vandhura. Namma panradhu seri illa’ (krish please leave me. My friend will be here anytime now… what we are doing is wrong)

‘seriyana aala panra bothu seri thappa lam yosika thonala’ (when I am ‘doing’ the right person, I don’t want to think whether what I am ‘doing’ is right or wrong)

My words were turning her on. But she wanted to resist because of some moral code her mind was wired to believe. I gripped her hip hard and she gave out a yelp. I pushed her against the wall and knelt down still having firm hold of her hips. I began to raise her t-shirt. She caught hold of it. I could see her waist line, but she held onto her tee firmly, determined not to let me view any more. I pinched the sides of her waist, the areas where her bare skin was exposed. She reacted as if I made her dance on a hot pan. But she still refused to let go of her tee. I changed tactics and grabbed both her buns and squished it like a water balloon. The ‘aah’s were turning into short moans. She tried to push my hand away. This was what I was waiting for. As soon as she let go of her tee to stop my ‘bun’ squishing, I pulled up her tee right till below her breasts and buried my face onto her navel. She tugged at my hair trying to pull me away, but I locked her hips into my arms and started planting kisses around her belly button. Those small pecks were driving her insane. I kissed her all over her navel slowly working my way to the top, right below her breasts.

‘krish…aaah… please…vidu. Nee panradhu seri illa’ (‘krish… aaah… please… let me go. What you are doing is not right’) she said, breathing moans in between. As I worked my way up, I pulled down her pajamas and again knelt down. She didn’t expect this. She kept her hands above her panties. She couldn’t hold on to her pants. The least she could do was protect her panties. But I wasn’t going to explore her there yet. I planted kisses all over her thighs. Simultaneously I caressed her below her buns. She was getting hornier by the minute.

‘ivalo azhaga irukara thodaiya edhuku pant potu maraikara! Kalyanathuku apporam veetula namma thanniya irukum bothu dress eh poda kudadhu’ (‘why are you hiding such beautiful thighs by wearing pants? After marriage, you should not wear any clothes when we are alone’) I said, kissing her inner thighs. I stood up and looked her in the eyes.

‘puriyudha?’ (‘do you understand?’), I asked her. She flushed and turned her face, closing her eyes in embarrassment. I grabbed her buns once again and squeezed them hard. She wriggled against the wall, standing on her toes, trying to control the electric impulses that caused havoc inside her body.

‘puriyudha?’ I asked her again. She nodded a yes. I pinched her right bun while continuing to squeeze her left. ‘vaaiyala sollu’ (‘tell me’) I said. She looked me right in the eyes. Her face, despite being bright red wanted to be defiant. She glared at me. If she had the energy, she would have kicked me a thousand times in the balls by now. I pinched her again and her defiant face couldn’t suppress a moan. When it comes to seduction and sex, I’m the one in charge. She looked down and a seri (okay) slipped from her. A cold, regretful voice. I lifted her and tossed her on the bed. She tried to get up and move (don’t know to where she thought she could go), but I pulled her back. We sat on the edge of the bed, she settling between my spread out legs. With my arms now coming from behind her, she was viable to more love antics.

I touched her boobs. Soft delicacies. I licked her ears and pecked kisses on the sides of her neck, gently massaging her breasts. I unhooked her bra. The tees were not that thick. The bra slid down her tee despite her failed attempts to hold it in place. I got hold of it and threw it somewhere I didn’t care about.

‘indha bra va bathrama vechuko. Namma first night la yum idha potu vara’ (‘keep this bra safe. I want you to wear it in our first night’) I whispered in her ears. She had stopped talking altogether. The occasional noes of resistance had stopped and was replaced by sweet moans that varied from sounds to gasps of breath. The one thing that didn’t change: her face was red as a cherry.

I fondled her breasts to all my liking. They were not huge, but big enough to satisfy my sexual appetite. Occasionally I inserted my hand into her tee from the top and she reacted wildly. No matter how much I fondled her breasts, I didn’t stimulate her nipples. Occasionally I would move my fingers around her nipples and sometimes I made my fingers graze her nipples for a second, like a feather. I went in circular motions, rubbed the top of her boobs, rubbed the bottom of her boobs, repeated the same by inserting my hands inside the tee, but never did I stimulate her nipples directly. She was on the peak of pleasure. The frustration was building up inside her, like a tiger eager to pounce at its prey. I concentrated just on her breasts for about 20 minutes. She was moaning and sighing, not caring about anything anymore. But out of nowhere, she caught hold of my hand which just retracted from inside her tee.

‘krish! Stop it! Now!’ she yelled and tried to get up, struggling as much as she could. I was surprised at her sudden resistance. It was time. I inserted both my hands under her t-shirt and grabbed her boobs firmly and squeezed them like a horn. Her body made a violent jerk and she moaned aloud. A burst of sexual energy escaped between her legs. She was squirting. The squirt exploded inside her panties causing the areas around it like her lower waists, inner thighs and lower buns to turn wet with cum. She buried her face inside her hands in utter shame and embarrassment.

‘cha! Nee jetti podama irundhirundha pakka innum romba nalla irundhurukum!’ (‘if you hadn’t worn any underwear, this would have been even more beautiful to watch’) I said, kissing her neck. As soon as I took my hands out her tee so that she could recover, she stood up, turned around and slapped me thrice.

‘porukki! Porukki! Porukki! Ponu thaniya irundha ippadiya pannuva?’ (‘pervert! Pervert! Pervert! Would you take advantage of a girl who is alone?’) she yelled. Her face was still red from embarrassment and she cried.

‘ponu thanniya irundha panna maaten. Aana en pondati thaniya irundha pannuven’ (‘I would not do like this if0 a ‘girl’ is alone, but I would do like this if my ‘wife’ is alone’)

‘unnoda girlfriend naanu. Unnoda wife illa. Wife aa irundhalum avaloda virupam illama thoduviya. Huh?’ (‘I’m your girlfriend. Not your wife. And even if someone is your wife, is it right to touch her without her consent?’) she yelled, at the peak of her rage.

‘enna porutha varaikum nee ennoda pondati dhan. Ippo virupam illama thodaradhu dhane prechana. Virupatha vara vechuren’ (‘you are my wife according to me. If touching without consent, I’ll make sure I get a consent out of you’) I said and caught hold of her hands. Her watery eyes still looked at me defiantly. I pulled her closer and lip locked her. She had just cummed and couldn’t do much to resist. I picked her up and made her wrap her legs and arms around me. For someone who didn’t give her consent, she settled nicely upon me. But those slaps. I wanted to do something even more embarrassing for her. I walked to the fridge carrying her. My hands explored her ass and my tongue, her face. She kissed back. She must have decided that it was better to consent and have my tongue inside her mouth than move around and have my tongue lick her entire face.

I slammed her against the fridge door (not in a way that’d hurt though. I’d never hurt my princess) and opened the fridge. I looked around and spotted two big hershey’s bottles. Viola! I threw the bottles into the bedroom, right on the bed and carried her inside on my shoulders as she struggled to get down. I sat on the bed and wrapped her legs around me. Her eyes locked into mine. Cold, rebellious eyes. I started exciting her ass and she gave out moans. I smirked and she glared. Her eyes said she would get back at me for this someday. But until that day… I spanked her right bun and she yelled. She looked at me in shock.

‘nee vita ara evalo valikudhu theriyuma?’ (‘do you want to know the pain of your slap?’) I asked and spanked her left bun. She yelled again. I continued to spank both her ass cheeks one after the other and after that, simultaneously. I grabbed her ass hard after I spanked it. She was shouting at the top of her voice. My ass treatment went on for twenty minutes. By then, her ass cheeks had turned as red as a rose and she had yelled ‘krish, venda, sorry’ a lot of times. I placed both the hershey’s bottles inside her panties, so that her ass cheeks could heal from all that spanking. I removed her t-shirt, to which she didn’t make much fuss. She wanted to be naked at top. All the irregular stroking had made the boobies much sensitive and her tops were proving to be irritating her erect nipples. So when I took of her tee, she was glad to let her nipples run free. But she did put up a rebellious act by covering her boobs with her arms.

I took the hershey’s out of her panties and poured it all over her body. The chocolate liquid tricked down her breasts, her shoulders, her back, her panties and every intimate part of her body. Her body shivered as the cold liquid trickled down her figure. She closed her eyes. I got to business. I started licking her. She still covered her boobs. I licked around her armpits, skipped her breasts, sucked her navel and made her lie on the bed. I then proceeded to lick her thighs. She was moaning like a crazy nympho. I turned her around and squirted more hershey’s on her back. I licked her good from top to bottom with frequent kisses to her ass cheeks as apologies for all the spanking I did earlier. I twisted and turned her, poured hershey’s and repeated the process for almost forty minutes. Then it happened again. Her body covered with hershey’s and my licks jerked again and she gushed more violently. Her second successful cum. She breathed heavily.

‘unnaku idha panna aasa dhan nu sollu. Na pannadhu thappu illa nu sollu’ (‘tell me you wanted this. Tell me I wasn’t wrong on doing this’) I said. Despite having cummed twice, she replied defiantly.

‘mudiyadhu. Nee pannadhu thappu dhan’ (‘no. You are wrong’) she said. Her brave words didn’t go well with her licked hershey’s covered naked body.

‘hmm… adhayum paathuralam’ (‘hmmm… let’s see’) I said and attempted to remove her panties, when suddenly I heard her doorbell ring. I looked at her. We both froze. The doorbell rang thrice and then I heard the locks turning and the door open. Only her friend had the apartment keys. I realized aisha hadn’t put the top lock nearly as well. Her friend had returned. I looked at aisha. Her eyes were wide in fear. I gave an evil smirk.

‘krish… venda… krish… please’ she whispered.

Her roommate called out her name a few times and when she entered her room, she froze in shock. To be continued. For reviews or something better than that (yes, I am talking to you beautiful girls), mail or message me- crazywriter24 HotSexyStory.com

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