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A Hot Story Of Seducing My Mom On A Chat – 1 – Desi XXX Story

Hello, guys, this is ram again with another incest hot story. If you don’t like incest, try not to read this. This is completely fictional for the horny sons out there. Hi, my name is Raj, age 23, lives in Chennai. I have completed my engineering and searching for a job. Since my father works in abroad, he told me to get a job in the city itself so that I can take care of my mom. Just I liked since my childhood. So I used to stay at the home most of the time. I have a desire to fuck my mom ever since my 12th std where I learned about women, incest and read a lot of sex story in mom- son category. Since then, I used to see my mom a sex bomb. About my mom, her name is rani. Age 44, she is a little heavier and maybe around 80kg. And the height is around 5″3. Her vats came around 38 38 40 with the medium complexion and big boobs and ass which bounce whenever she walked. I used to peep her whenever she bathed or changed her dress. She has big saggy boobs with big nipples and big deep navel. I think she never shaved her private parts because its full of black bush in her pussy, armpit and her ass hole as well. I was very horny for her and looked for the right chance to fuck her. After finishing my college, I thought this is my chance where I can spend maximum time in a home with her. So I thought to fuck her at any cost but I don’t want to force her. And I don’t have the courage to ask her and do anything directly. But I want this relationship to last long. So I wanted to fuck her with her full support. So I tried to make a plan to seduce her. I used to do sex chat on a lot of sites. Whenever I was with mom, I used to watch her and do sex chat thinking about her. One day, she asked in a funny way, “what are you doing with your mobile always. I am getting bored. Just speak to me for a while otherwise just tell me what you are doing on your mobile. I will also do the same. I got shocked and closed my mobile and said, “I am doing nothing” and did some chit chatting with her. In that night, I was thinking about that incident and a sudden spark came to my mind. Why don’t we just create her a profile on the facebook and seduce her through that? So, the next day, I just opened my facebook and started surfing in that. My mom came and told me, “what did I tell you? Why are you always on your mobile phone”. I told her, “ma, its just a facebook, ma”. I was seeing some meme and funny videos only. See this”. I show her few funny video and memes she looks like interested in seeing more but I took my phone away. She told me to show some more and I told her, “ma, I have a lot of work on my mobile, ma”. She looked disappointed. So I told her, “ok, bring your mobile. I will create a profile and you can watch it for yourself. I took her mobile and created a profile and liked some meme page and taught her how to like the pages and some basic things. And without her knowledge, I gave friend request to my another id and did some privacy setting so that nobody can give her friend request. She used her mobile more often nowadays. After a few days, I opened her Facebook account and liked few pages that a mature lady and young guys sex pages. Next day I opened and saw she disliked those pages. Again I liked those pages. This continued few days. She even asked me there r some pages automatically gets liked on facebook. I told her that is not possible. And told her it may be some ad pages. Asked her what r the pages gets automatically liked. She didn’t say anything told me to leave it will see later. I continued like sex pages from her account. After a few weeks, I saw she didn’t unlike any pages instead she liked a couple of new pages. I thought this is time so I massaged hi from my other account. But I haven’t received any reply. I know this. So keep on message her. And used to message sexy pic. After a week, I got a reply from her in the night who are you? I texted her back, “I am Kumar”. Mom: what you want? Me: nothing just want to say hi Mom: what is your age? Me: I am 23. Your name and age? I asked her and waited for her reply Mom: rani 44. She is new to this. So told her the original age and size Me: wow. I want it to move this to next level so typed what r u doing baby?? Then, I got an instant erection calling my mom baby. But I kept waiting for her reply but she went offline. So, I felt disappointed but thought the first conversation went well. Again, I messaged her a lot of sexy pictures. Next day, around the same time, I got a reply from her. Mom: hi Me: hey baby. Why did you go offline? Mom: I am older than you. Don’t call me baby Me: so what I like older women baby. They are hot. My heart beat increased when I type hot Me: where is your hubby? Mom: he is in foreign Me: any kids? Mom: yeah, one son. Me: good. How long have you been alone? Mom:1 yr Me: can I see your pic Mom: no Me: please baby. At least without a face? She again went offline. I thought I ruined everything. I watched her during the next day. She was acting abnormally. I asked her if there anything wrong. She told her nothing.In the night I received a selfie of my mom in nighty from her neck to toe Me: Wow, sexy baby Mom: you like it? Me: who don’t baby? How can a person be in a foreign country with this kind of sexy hot women as a wife? Mom: do I look good? Me: you are an awesome baby. If I am your husband, I will never leave you a minute Mom: can I see u? Me: a sure baby. Immediately I got nude and clicked my nude body and my 6-inch cock and texted her Me: all because of you, sweetie Mom: wow. Nice Me: do I look good. And my dick is it equal to your hubby’s Mom: it is much thicker and bigger than his. Slowly, I went near my mom’s room. It’s locked and I peeped through the window. She took her nighty till her waist rubbing her pussy while texting me. Me: what are you doing, babe? Mom: just lying in the bed. Me: I am so horny for you baby. You are damn sexy. She started fingering her pussy Me: can you show your boobs, baby. She reached her climax and went offline. Next day, in the daytime itself, I received her message from my mom. Mom: sorry.My son came yesterday (she lied).I looked around the house and found she was in the bathroom. Me: it’s ok, sweetie. Can you show me now? Mom: what? Me: you know what I mean? If you don’t want to, no problem. Mom: ok, wait. I waited and my hand starts shivering when I received a pic message. I clicked that. Oh my god, my mom’s nude pic with her hairy armpit and pussy. Mom: enough? Me: wow. Baby, you are so sexy and hot and. Hairy Mom: why don’t you like hairy Me: no babe. I love to eat the hairy pussy. I heard small moans from the bathroom Mom: is it? Me: yes baby. But I could find your lovely pussy lips in that jungle. Mom: Oh. Wait I received another pic and in that, she just opened her wet pussy lips exposing her pink inner walls. Me: ah, I want to insert my tongue into that pink pussy, baby. You are making me horny. I am already wet Mom: Yeah. I heard a loud moan from the bathroom. Mom: I have to go see you, later Me: love you, baby. She came from the bathroom after refreshment. Smiled at me. I felt too horny to fuck her then and there but I controlled her. Then I recorded me stroking my dick and came. Then, I sent the same to her. Our chatting session continued for some weeks. At those weeks, she also sent me the picture of her fingering her pussy and asshole. Then, we exchanged our sexual fantasies. Sometimes, I asked about how she felt about her son. She usually diverted the topic but never said no. After a month of chatting, pic and video exchanging. I asked her. Me: I bored of this digital fun, baby. Mom: me too but what can we do. Me: can we do the real one babe? If u wish. I waited for her reply and it took long, so I texted Me: I am not forcing you. If you wish otherwise, I am ok with this Mom: where? I jumped in joy and felt as if I have conquered the world. I made a plan Me: we can do it my place but it’s not safe to bring you here and as well as in some other lodge also. What about your house? Mom: no, my son will be there and what will I tell
my neighbors? I cursed myself Me: not now, when your son leave for some long travel and you can tell your neighbors that I am your son’s friend. Mom: ok. Me: love you, baby. Thinking about eating your pussy, baby. And we chatted some more time. But I don’t want to create any doubt. So I waited for another week and told my mom that I am going to 1-week goa tour with my friends. She looked so happy hearing this and told me she will give the money. After 15 mins, I received a message from my mom. Mom: the day has come. Me: what? Mom: my son went on 1-week trip Me: wow. That’s a great news. Mom: be prepared. And she sent our house address. I wonder how my mom turns like this giving strangers house address to get fucked. Me: an ok baby. I will be there soon to give an extreme pleasure you never had in your life. Mom: I love you. This is the first time in our chat mom said this. I felt hard on. She again messaged. Mom: bring condoms. I thought to myself, I always love to fuck without condoms and to my mom, not a chance to fuck her with condoms. So, I replied Me: ok sure. How can you identify me, baby Mom: yes. Send me your pic. Me: no baby. We will keep that a surprise that will be more fun. I will wear a pink shirt with our both name in it. She said ok. On the next two days, we never did any sex chat. Instead, we did a normal chat. Meanwhile, I bought a pink shirt and gave it to the tailoring shop to do an embroidering of our name with a design and kept in my luggage bag. And the day came, my mom looked so happy. She woke up early morning and bathed before me. Then, she wore a good saree. I asked my mom, “anything special today?”. She said nothing. I packed everything and told her bye. While leaving, I hugged her. I felt hot and an instant hard on. I controlled myself and went. After 15mins, I received a messaged from my mom. Mom: my son had left. Waiting for you. (kiss symbol). Me: on my way dear. Love you. I immediately went my friend home changed to pink shirt. And put a jacket over that. Then, I came to my home. And ring the calling bell. Soon, my mom opened the door with a big smile on her face. The smile vanished while she saw me and looked shocked. And shot a lot of questions to me. But I didn’t answer anything and went inside the house. She looked so confused. Then, I removed the jacket. She was stunned. She looked my shirt and felt socked. Then I turned around to lock the door. There was a design which read “Rani and Raj” with hear symbol. She looked so stunned looking at me. Then, I locked the door and went near her. She went back. I stopped her by keeping my both hands on her shoulder. Then, I said, “baby, what happened?”. She tried to get away from me but I held her tightly and went near her face told her, “mom, I love you always, ma. She looked at my eyes. Soon, our eyes met. Then, I put my lips on her gently and planted soft kisses again and again. She started to bring her lips towards mine. Then, I started to tease her by pulling my lips away. Then in one go, she pulled my head and kissed my lips passionately. Soon, she started to exchange our saliva. I started creased her body from ass to hip and back. With on hand, I spread her ass cheeks and the other pinched and squeezed her belly. Do give your valuable feedback at iam.rammmmf HotSexyStory.com . In the next part, I will tell you how I fucked my mom and we enjoyed our life as husband and wife.

incest/hot-story-seducing-mom-chat A Hot Story Of Seducing My Mom On A Chat – 1

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