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A Hot Story Of Seducing My Hot Mom On A Chat-2 – Desi XXX Story

Hello, guys. Ram again with another hot story of mine. So, without wasting much time, I will directly come to the story. I started creased her body from ass to hip and back. With on hand, I spread her ass cheeks and the other pinched and squeezed her belly. Our tongues explored the mouth of each other. Then, we exchanged our saliva. She kissed more aggressively as the time passed. After about 10min of passionate kissing, we parted our lips to get some air. Both were heavy breathing and I can see my saliva dripping from her mouth. Then, she blushed looking at me. But I didn’t stop pressing her belly and ass. I even started pressing harder while she let out a slight hissing sound. Then I gave a soft kiss on her forehead. And started licking her face, eyes, lips, nose all over her face. She enjoyed by closing her eyes. Then slid the saree’s pallu from her shoulder and saw the two big melons for me to taste. Soon, I put my both palm on her boobs and gently pressed above her blouse. She bites her lips in a pleasure. I started squeezing her boobs harder and she moaned loudly in the pain. Soon, I unhooked her blouse and removed it. The white bra couldn’t hold her two big melons since it peeped outside in the corners. I then put my hand on her hip and squeezed her belly and pulled the knot in her petticoat. It’s fall from her hip.And I saw my mom’s beautiful big things on top of it. I saw her black panties with some wet patch on it. I could see her pussy hair popping out her panties. Then, I slowly lifted her in my both the hands and walked towards my parent’s bedroom where I always wanted to make love to my mom on the same bed where my dad used to do with my mom. She put one of her arms around my neck. I could see her hairy armpit. While walking, I slowly bring my face to her armpit and smelled it. I couldn’t control myself. I started to lick her hairy armpit as she jiggled and pressed her belly and ass as well. After reaching the bedroom, I made a lie on the bed looking like a porn star. I said, “ma, you are damn sexy”. She blushed at my compliment. Soon, I removed all my clothes and stood nude with my hard and thick cock. She looked at my cock and said it looked bigger than those pictures she sent me. Mom talked for the first time to compliment my dick. I replied, “all because of my hot mom” while looking at her. She smiled gave a signal to come close. I jumped on the bed and started to smooch her neck. Then I unhooked her bra and she adjusted her position to give them access to remove her bra. Then, I removed them and saw my mom’s naked saggy big boobs with erected nipples. I put my palm in one of the boobs and pinched her nipples. Then, I kissed the other boobs while she shivered as I started sucking her boobs harder. I continued to do this for her other boobs as well. Then I lifted her armpit and saw her hairy armpit. Slowly I moved closer and smelled her armpit. It made me mad.As I started to lick her armpit furiously and pulled her armpit hair with my teeth. Then, she started moaning in a pleasure. I did this for both her armpit and some of her armpit hairs went in my mouth also. Then, I moved lower to her hot navel. It was a deep and perfect in shape. Soon, I started to lick all over her navel area and put my tongue inside her navel. She smiled and breathed heavily. After a while, I moved down and fond the haven which was hiding inside her black panty. Then, I put my hand and creased in her pussy area over her panty and find wetness in her bush. I then pressed her big things and put my fingers into her panty and slid down. I saw my moms’ hairy holy place where she spread for my father to breed me. And the place I came from to this world is now dripping its love juices because of me. It kept shining due to her wetness. I put my hand and increased her bare pussy and pulled her pussy hair. She shivered and moaned loudly. Then I squeezed her pussy with my palm. She locked her legs with my hand in her pussy. I forcefully opened her legs and moved closer to the pussy. As her pussy hair touched my face and smelled it. The mixed aroma of her love juice and her urine made me crazy. I couldn’t control myself. So, immediately I put my lips and started smooching her pussy slowly. She didn’t expect this and said, “you are making me crazy, my son. Come on do it”. I then took my tongue out and licked all over her already wet pussy. I was in heaven since I have never tasted anything like this. Soon, she lifted her whole body to my face. And said, “yeah, son, lick it. Did you like the taste of your mom’s pussy”? I replied, “it tastes awesome ma. You are the best”. Then I parted her pussy lips and saw the pink inner walls. And put my tongue’s tip inside and tickled a bit. She shouted aloud and put her hand on the head pushed towards her pussy. Then I put my tongue deep inside and she shivered. Her movement goes strong and I kept tongue fucking my mom. Mom moaned in very high tone and I could see her juice flowing from her pussy to my lips. Soon, I drank without wasting a drop. After a while, I then put two fingers on her clit and pinched her. She jumped from the bed I then I inserted my middle finger into her hot vagina. Then, I lifted both her legs and placed them over my shoulder and moved closed closer to her ass hole. I put my nose over her ass hole the licked her ass. Then, I squeezed her ass cheeks and kept finger fucking her. She touched my dick and a shock wave went through my spine. She started stroking my dick. Due to this, I started to lick her pussy and ass hole more passionately. We were in the 69 position now. As she started to lick and suck my dick. Then she started taking my dick up to her throat and chocked. I then bit her pussy area and pulled the pussy hair. She moaned with my dick in her mouth. Then she came again in my mouth which started flowing. Then, I started to lick her juice flowing. I then moved to her face and kissed her lips with her juice all over my face. She enjoyed teasing her own cum. Then I positioned myself between her legs and teased her by rubbing my dick in her pussy. She said, “don’t tease my son. Please do it”. Saying this, she lifted her pussy towards my cock. I then spread her pussy lips with my fingers and put my cock tip in her lovely hole. The first time, I touched a woman’s pussy with my cock. That too with my own mom and that feeling made me horny. And tried to insert more of my dick head and I went inside her pussy. She never fucked for a long time. I guess. So it was a bit difficult to enter her. I stopped and saw her. She was enjoying by closing her eyes and biting her lips and moaning. Then, I again tried to insert more. It’s the first time for me. So, I felt a bit pain but the pleasure overcomes everything. Slowly, half of my dick went inside her pussy. It felt so hot inside her pussy. I then took my dick out till its head and again pumped inside with some little force. She started to moan loudly and gave an opposite thrust towards my dick. I did this few times and I can feel her juice flowing through my dick. Then, I took my cock out and waited. She looked so relaxed. I then gave one powerful stroke and my cock went fully inside her. She screamed loudly and told, “son, your dick felt good inside me. I never had a pleasure anything like this”. I stopped with my 7-inch dick fully inside her and kissed her lips. She immediately opened her mouth our tongue met again and explore each other. Soon, I started moving my hip slowly and she bit my lips in pleasure. I then increased my speed for every thrust. She locked me by putting her legs around my butt and she gave a loud moan. Then, I lifted her lower body to match my thrust. I now moved my dick in and out freely, thanks to her love juice. I couldn’t control myself and started pumping her as hard as I can and started smooching her neck and pressing and sucking her boobs. She moaned loudly and said, “yes, yes, come on, son. I never had this much pleasure in my life. Come on, harder, harder. You are making your mama proud”. This made me crazy and I the ram
med harder. I can feel her grip tighten on me as she screamed. She reached her climax. I felt her hot cum on my cock. Then, after about 20mins of hard fucking, I felt my cock ready to let out my cum. I said, “mommy, I am going to cum”. She replied, “yes, son. Cum inside me. I want you me inside me. Fill my pussy with your cum”. I then increased my speed even more and felt a volcano blasting my dick as I started filling her pussy with my white load. My cum came over and over and I felt it was overflowing firm her pussy. I put the last drop of my seeds in her and lied on top of her. Both began sweating heavily though the fan was running in the bedroom due heavy fucking. She kissed my forehead as I moved and lied beside her. I saw her hairy pussy. Now, it looked clumsy with my white cum overflowing from her hole. I then put my hand on her boobs and started playing with her nipples. She looked at me and asked, “did you enjoy” in a naughty way. I replied, “never enjoyed anything like this, ma. You are awesome. I love you, ma”. She said I love you too, my son”. I then said, “ma, I really mean it, ma. I love you and I want to be with you as your man, ma”. She looked at me and smiled. “really, are you sure?”. I said, “yes, ma. I always loved you and wanted you as my lover and wife”. She looked at my eyes and told me, “I am lucky to have you as my lover and feel happy to be your wife. Now on, I am yours. I love you, my dear son”. I then kissed her lips and said, “we are not mom and son anymore. We are a couple in this house”. She nodded her head. I aging said, “I will move me all thighs to this room. Now on, this will be our room for out naughty things”. She smiled in a naughty way and told I have a very horny hubby. I told her all because of my hot wife. Then, saying this, we hugged each other tightly. Then she walked towards the bathroom shaking her big ass. Soon, an idea came to my mind. Please do give your valuable feedback at iam.rammmmf HotSexyStory.com To be continued…

incest/hot-story-seducing-hot-mom-chat A Hot Story Of Seducing My Hot Mom On A Chat-2

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