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A Hot Pickup Sex With The Divorced Woman – Desi XXX Story

Hi guys. Welcome to read my hot pickup sex story. The heroine of the story is Radha(name changed). A hot and divorced housewife. I met her on the Facebook. She didn’t have kids. I added her as my friend after I saw our mutual friends. She accepted my request. Later, we started talking. We both soon became friends. She used to talk a lot and told me about her divorce. I used to console her. Then I used to crack dirty jokes. Soon, we exchanged numbers. She was alone at a flat in Bangalore. She had a job as a teacher in a nearby school and she used to tell me about the students there. They used to stare at her ass and her boobs. Her stats were 36 D milky smooth boobs white skin. 38 ass with the softest I have ever touched. She didn’t like those who stared at her body. I used to tell her that they might jerk off thinking of you. She replied with a smile. Then we started to send pics. She was so hot in the white sari. A part of her red bra was exposed. Her boobs bulged out. I used to jerk off looking at that photo. I used to imagine ripping off the dress. And seeing her red bra barely holding her boobs I started sucking her white thighs. Then, she started to moan, “give me.Mmm.Fuck me”. Then one day I send her the photos of me swimming. I have an average body. But had a hell of a hard cock. Then I sent another photo where I was wearing a white bath towel. My tool was quite hard and pointed out of towel but it was not fully exposed. She noticed it. So, she asked me whether I jerk off. I gathered all my courage and told “yeah. Sometimes thinking of your hot body”. She went out of the chat. I thought I ruined everything. A week passed. I was afraid to talk to her. She didn’t message me. Then, I messaged her ‘hai’. She replied ‘hai’. The next thing she asked me was how many jerkoffs this week. I gave back a smile. Then later we talked a lot about the sex. I told her that I wanted to be an escort and satisfy many. She then sent me a pic of her boobs in a green bra. They were tight and were barely holding them. Nipples became hard. They seem bulged out waiting to be milked. She asked me whether I would like to start with it. I said yes. Then we started planning. It was a time for the winter. We chose Kodaikanal. She went there for a honeymoon. We both reached there by morning. I came by bus early. I waited for her to arrive. Then went to the hotel where she stayed during her honeymoon. Luckily, we got same honeymoon suite where husband enjoyed her. Soon I entered the room and I hugged her from the back. While I started kissing her neck, she touched my hair with her right hand. Then I held her close by slowly rubbing my hand through her navel. As I started to lick, she gave a light moan. She then turned to me and came near my ear. I licked it outside. Then, I hugged her tight. Slowly, I licked her neck. I bit her neck then removed her pallu and her pleats except blouse, panties, bra, and petticoat. Then we slowly moved our legs and walked to the balcony door. Then I moved the curtain. Soon, I pulled a table towards it and made her sit on it. Then I went under her petticoat. I started to lick her pussy through her wet panty. I pushed it inside. Then, I licked her clit. I played with it. Slowly, I started to lick her from feet to thighs of both legs and she bit her lip corners and gave light moans. Then her pelvic region. Then I played with her belly button while pulling stomach from one side. Radha gave her the attention there. I slowly gave her a navel kiss and licked to the pelvic region as I put my finger into her mouth for her to lick. Then she took the other hand through her petticoat as I slowly pushed the panty inside. It made her cum. Then I went to the bed and took the packets and took the grapes and chocolate we bought. I kissed her lips as we exchanged our lips. She pushed her into my mouth and I licked her mouth. Then I pushed her hair to put a chocolate in my mouth as she licked it. She bit her lower lip. It felt so hot and then we kissed so passionately. I removed her petticoat. Soon, I pushed her panties to one side and put in 3 grapes and pushed them inside as she moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh pulling her own hair back. I left panty as it was. I turned my attention to her sexy blouse. Then, I kissed her cleavage and then poured cold water on her cleavage for a hot attention. I slowly removed the 2 buttons of the blouse and pulled out the footballs. Then I bit her nipple. She moaned “it’s so hot. Don’t tease me. Suck them”. I said, “not yet”. Then I went down and I lined her pussy through the panty as I pinched her nipples for a few minutes. She said “nowwwwww aaaaaa mmmmmm. No. Give to me. I waaaaaaaaaaa”. She came after that. Then I took it into my mouth and spat it on her breasts and told her to lick them. She held her breasts in both hands and brought her nipples to her mouth. I licked and bit them. Then I removed my every dress. I stood naked in front her. I had a pre-cum and took it my palm and gave it to her. She licked it. Then I pulled the grapes out and fingered her pussy as we shared the grapes and ate them. “don’t tease meeeeeeannny mo. Aaaaa, give it”. Me: do you want me to fuck you here like Rahul did? Radha: sssss. I touched her g-spot and played with it. She was a total slut. I started to suck her one boob while playing with the other. I pushed the nipple inside. She came for the 3rd time. Then I took her to the bed. I had loved fucking a milf since I fucked Shreya’s mom. She lied on the bed and I slowly pushed my dick while exchanging our tongues. Then, I stroked her hard. She cried, “not so fast”. She was tight. I started to milk her breasts while putting my finger into her mouth. She moaned. Later we got to the 69 position. Then she started to ride me as her breasts swiftly bounced. I slowly got up. I pinched both her breasts. She moaned aaaaa as she put her hand on her hair. We finished after 20 minutes and I came inside her. Next day evening, I took her to the back side of the hotel facing a forest. I made her wear a tight shirt and nothing underneath. I turned her and licked her anal. She moaned. Later, I took her to the bathroom. Then, I put her against the cold wall standing on the bathtub. I slowly pinched her breasts and pushed my three fingers into her and she moaned mmm. I started to rub her g-spot. Then, I opened the shower and started to lick her. I filled half of the tub with water and fucked her hard. Later, on the third day, I made her give me a blowjob in the bus station. That day, I came inside her mouth. It was an experience of a lifetime. Anyone wants to have a nice talk or fun time, andrwsamtravelust HotSexyStory.com  

couple/hot-pickup-sex-divorced-woman A Hot Pickup Sex With The Divorced Woman

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